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Boardgame Racing

A quick race?

Download and print the F1 2011 teams here, and a track here, and note the three main rules in 2011: Rule #1 – All drivers must throw two dice: the front runners use the sum of the dice combined, the midfield uses the higher value of the two dice, while the backmarkers uses the lower value. Rule #2 – Throwing double 1 (snake eyes) means you crash out from the race. Rule #3 – The field must be split into three by YOU according to the present power balance in F1. The rules can be changed to your liking.

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Download Teams and Tracks

race-sheet__versenylap (JPG)
race-sheet__versenylap (PDF)

teams-Champions-print (JPG)
teams-Champions-print (PDF)

teams-cc-2005-print (JPG)
teams-cc-2005-print (PDF)

teams-f1-1970-print (JPG)
teams-f1-1970-print (PDF)

teams-f1-1986-print (JPG)

teams-f1-2004-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2004-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2005-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2005-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2006-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2006-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2007-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2007-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2008-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2008-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2009-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2009-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2009-print2 (JPG)
teams-f1-2009-print2 (PDF)

teams-f1-2010-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2010-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2010-print2 (JPG)
teams-f1-2010-print2 (PDF)

teams-f1-2011-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2011-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2012-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2012-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2013-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2013-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2014-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2014-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2014-print1 (JPG)
teams-f1-2014-print1 (PDF)

teams-f1-2015-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2015-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2016-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2016-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2017-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2017-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2018-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2018-print (PDF)

teams-f1-2018-print2 (JPG)

teams-f1-2019-print (JPG)
teams-f1-2019-print (PDF)

teams-gp2-2005-print (ZIP)

teams-indycar-2011-print (JPG)
teams-indycar-2011-print (PDF)

teams-motogp-2009-print (JPG)
teams-motogp-2009-print (PDF)

track-AlbertPark1950-1 (JPG)

track-AlbertPark1950-2 (JPG)

track-Club7Circuit (JPG)

track-Interlagos-ErikP (ZIP)

track-LeMans-grayscale-1 (JPG)

track-LeMans-grayscale-2 (JPG)

track-LeMans-grayscale-3 (JPG)

track-Noname-1 (JPG)

track-Noname-2 (JPG)

track-Noname-3 (JPG)

track-Noname (PDF)

track-PaulRicard-1 (JPG)

track-PaulRicard-2 (JPG)

track-PaulRicard-3 (JPG)

track-SeattleCorners-1 (JPG)

track-SeattleCorners-2 (JPG)

track-osorno-a3 (JPG)

track-osorno-a4-1 (JPG)

track-osorno-a4-2 (JPG)

track-osorno (ZIP)

track-ulvering-a4-1 (JPG)

track-ulvering-a4-2 (JPG)

track-zeltwegx-a3 (JPG)

track-zeltwegx-a4-1 (JPG)

track-zeltwegx-a4-2 (JPG)

track-zeltwegx (ZIP)