The Red and The Black

– Heart and Spade cards of a French playing card deck
at least one 20-sided die (d20)
12 tokens to count the number of unused specialities


Units, their statistics and specialities

Level 1
Attack: d20
Defense: 2

Attack: d20
Defense: 3

Attack: d20
Defense: 4

Attack: d20
Defense: 5

Attack: d20
Defense: 6

Level 2

Attack: 2d20
Defense: 7

Attack: 2d20
Defense: 8

Attack: 2d20
Defense: 9

Attack: 2d20
Defense: 10

Level 3

Black Jack ♠
Red Jack ♥
Attack: 3d20
Defense: 15
"Silent Death"
"Silent Death"

Ice Queen ♠
Fairy Queen ♥
Attack: 3d20
Defense: 15
"Animate Dead"

Ace of Death ♠
Ace of Life ♥
Attack: 3d20
Defense: 15
"Cold Breeze"
"Warm Breeze"

Level 4

Moon King ♠
Sun King ♥
Attack: 4d20
Defense: 20

Silent Death: Jacks' speciality to kill a selected Level 1 or 2 unit with a triple success roll, or a Level 3/4 unit with a triple success roll against a full failure.
Animate Dead/Resurrect: Queens' speciality to reuse any Level 1 or 2 unit from the Cemetary with a triple success roll
. By sacrifying herselves Queens are able to regain Kings from the dead.
Cold/Warm Breeze: Aces' speciality to half or double the attack of a selected Level 1 or 2 unit with a triple success roll. Aces may use their specialty against units in combat.
One speciality can be used once in a round and twice in the whole game. Specialities can not be used while the Level 3 unit attacks or is under attack.

Successful attack
The unit with the more success against Defense wins the combat. The defeated unit gets into the Cemetary.

All enemy units are in the Cemetary.