In about October 2001 Greger Huttu began to assemble a team to work on this project with some local people who were familiar with the circuit and its history. Greger’s team comprised several well-known and excellent assets including Rick Osborn, Olli Suominen, Marc Royal, A work group began then and proceeded to a point in mid-2002 when the track source file had some errors that were causing CTD’s, and it was almost too difficult to repair. The team floundered a little and a bigger team was created to re-start the project beginning with a raw layout. At this time Greger was starting to move into the Nascar racing realm and has lost some of his GPL enthusiasm, and the project was standing still for approximately 5 months with a somewhat working beta version – but not progressing at all.

This new layout came out of intense research of a newly empowered team, leaded by Paul Jackson, which comprised many people from the existing team, Jussi Kaskia being the core of the original team, and the Spain-based members, Gustau, Jaume Suñol, Toni Rogel, Toni Aguilar, and new experts in GPL track-building, Andre Streu (Leipzig, Halle, Grenzland, Sachsenring) and Stefan Magnussen (, Eric Bourgouin (texture artist on too many, great tracks for us to list), Phil Flack (the Guru of GPL track editing), Luc Van Gossum (extraordinary texture artist), Robert Hunter (3do-master-builder, and track builder), Mike Bennett (3do-builder), Dave Churchill (3do-builder and texturer)

A visit to the circuit was undertaken in August 2002, after a firm decision was taken with consultation from Mark Beckman on the state of the existing source files. It became very clear that these files were unusable and a completely new start was required from the beginning. This on-site visit was invaluable and resulted in over 500 detailed photographs, and many elevational sketches to obtain correct road data, which could be input into the new layout.

Immediately, Stefan began work on a new layout that became the alpha version of Montjuic. It was pretty accurate, but after some revisions we found it was almost impossible to handle, and once we had the official cartographic map of the zone John Basara made what we can call the final track layout of Montjuich Park, an accurate work that has become the basis of the current beta. The altitudes and irregularities in the road surface have been incorporated, and the track length, turn radii are perfect. Our next step is to finish the trackside terrain. Montjuic has substantial terrain (similar to Lime Rock Mountain Circuit, but in a Monaco-type setting). There is almost 70 metres of altitude difference in the circuit, with steep embankments and drop-off in several places with buildings in or on them.

On the other hand almost all of the major buildings have been constructed (3do’s) and textured (mips), and a great deal of work has been done on the vegetation. The horizon has been completely rebuilt based on the actual horizon of the city and is in place in the current version, and all the updated TSO’s (buildings, trees, bridges) have been included.

The philosophy of the entire team on this project is to release several version at the same time, each one compatible with different levels of PC capability. For this reason we have beta-testers each with unique PC’s on which to test, ranging from a P2 Laptop, P2 Desktop with Voodoo3 video, P3 desktop with GeForce2 video, AMD 1.2GHz with GeForce3 video, all the way up to the current state-of-the-art in gaming PC’s. The track will also be tested exhaustively online with full fields (19 drivers) to avoid server-overload dumps as well, which plagues one or two recent add-on tracks. In short, there will be a version which will run perfectly on your system!

For offline racing there will be a set of "sensible" and believable AI as well.