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Smart rank: “GELI2019-2” tracks F2 1967

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Smart rank with the tracks of GELI's “1967 Special Events” season — shown with F2 1967 lap times

This table below is based on lap times ran on UKGPL 1967 Special Events smart rank tracks. It adds up all the best lap times then sort the drivers on such base. Click on track names to see lap times on the selected track. Click on lap times to go to the driver's all lap times on the track. Mod track records are presented by Peter Perfect [?] and are underlined in other rows. If no PP in the table, the fastest driver did a perfect job :)

# driver handicap LeM
Axel Cookie 0 3:38.6
2 Keith Ballard 2.246 3:40.9

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Rank details

Title: smart    Description: Smart rank with the tracks of GELI's “1967 Special Events” season

Tracks:   Le Mans Sarthe/bsarthe

Visit season page on Groundhog's GPL WeeklyDefault mod: F1 1967

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