Excuse me!  “I braked harder (to try not to cause an accident ) and I hit the wall.”

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Martin KrejcirikDriver: Martin Krejcirik

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Martin Krejcirik has no result in the database.


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damage★★ Realistic damage (Pro)☆ Advanced damage (Intermediate)fps☆ 36 fps (GPL default)☆ 60 fpsmods☆ 1967 F1 (GPL default)☆ 1967 X1 (Historical mod)☆ 1965 F1☆ 1966 F1☆ 1969 F1☆ 1969 F1 (Xtra mod)☆ CanAm 1966☆ CanAm 1971☆ Sportscars GT 1967☆ F2 1967☆ Thundercars☆ Lancia Stratos☆ 1955 F1patches☆ Olaf's Pitstop patch (dirt, tire wear, repair)☆ Lee's Pitstop patch (refuel only)☆ Lee's Weather patch (variable)☆ Lee's Night patch (variable)☆ Night Fog (fixed, 5.5 density, black)race day☆ Monday☆ Tuesday☆ Wednesday☆ Thursday☆ Friday☆ Saturday☆ Sundayrace length★★ "Grand Prix" races (appr. 2 hours)☆ "Short" races (appr. 20 mins)☆ "Long" races (appr. 40 mins)☆ Hotlap challengestracks★★ any road tracks☆ Papyrus tracks (GPL default)☆ any ovals☆ any city circuits☆ any long tracks☆ any fantasy tracks

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