Excuse me!  “Conversation between me and my wife during the race: Me: “Jeez... The gap is already 16 seconds...“ Wife: “Never mind, we love you even if you are dead last.“ Me: “Come on, I'm second!!!“ ... You see, such a prejudice I must fight at home :D ”

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Pablo SosaDriver: Pablo Sosa

Fastest lap position: 11

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date league / season (cal, stadings, stats) / track (results) mod / car qual race f.lap entries rating
May 28, 2019 PanAm   PanAm Season 1   Nürburgring 1967 | Honda RA300 Q2 R11 FL11 of 13
Sep 11, 2018 Mybroga   S51 Div. B   Clermont–Ferrand 1965 | Brabham BT11 Q11 R11 FL11 of 11
Dec 06, 2017 Mybroga   S49 Div. A   Silverstone 1967 | Honda RA300 Q6 R11 FL11 of 13
Apr 19, 2017 Mybroga   Season 48 Div. A   Spa 1967 1967 | BRM P115 Q3 R15 FL11 of 17

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