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Phil WoodwardDriver: Phil Woodward

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Personal stats

First race: Apr 03, 2014
GHFEST14, Olivers Mount
Last race: Apr 03, 2014
GHFEST14, Olivers Mount
Starts: 1 100% list all
Wins: 1 100% list all
Podiums: 1 100% list all
Poles: 0 0%
Fastest laps: 1 100% list all
Hat-tricks: 0 0%
Best qual: *
Worst qual: *
Average qual: 0
Best race: 1
Worst race: 1 **
Average race: 1
Best track:   avQRFL 0
Worst track:   avQRFL 0
Fav cars: 1965 F1   Cooper T77  
Best cars:

* = where lap time was registered
** = where the driver actually started the race
avQRFL = Average of qual, race and fastest lap positions where neither qual nor fastest lap positions are zero.


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Race positions where actually started a race

1 **************************************************************************************************** 100%

Grid positions where time was posted in qualy

Fastest race laps

1 **************************************************************************************************** 100%

Race ratings Zero means no rating.

0 **************************************************************************************************** 100%

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