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Groundhog League rules

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Want to join? Please read through and understand the league rules, then look for our server on iGOR in race time. Events are not passworded.

The three main rules

Drive like a gentleman! Drive as you were there! Be patient, wait for the best moment to pass. People in other cars would like to enjoy the race too.

Obey the flags! Let faster drivers to pass you at blue. Slow down a bit and be careful (and do not overtake) at yellow.

Never give up! The more drivers on the track, the more fun the race is. Keep driving!


We drive all GPL cars with Advanced damage model.

Free car choice, except where noted.

Unlimited Shift-Rs are allowed with no restrictions.

Qualifying sessions are 20-30 minutes long, races last appr. 35-45 minutes. At the most tracks these equal the default Int-Long race settings.

If the number of participants is less than six: race distance is halved (to Int-Short) OR a virtual safety car lap is used halfway through the race (see Special formats for details).

Events start at 8pm British Time and hosted from iGOR (or VROC). Chat room: GBGPL, password: Novice.

We race in 60fps mode.

Lee's Pitstop/Refuel patch can be used any time.

Please note that when we talk about 69 mod, it's always 69Xtra mod.


Points system is based on the 1950s FIA Formula One rules. The best 4 results count toward the championship. You must complete 90% of race distance to be classified as 'finisher'.

1st place8 points
2nd place6 points
3rd place4 points
4th place3 points
5th place2 points
other finishers1 point
non-finishers0 point
non-starters0 point
fastest race lap+1 point

No points given if the number of entries is less than four (4), ie a podium finish is guaranteed. The event will be demoted to fun race.


Both in iGOR/VROC chat room, on the forum and in GPL chat the language is English what we all speak and understand, even if on different levels.

During qualifying and race chat is limited to the well known abbreviations (PO=Pit Out, PORF=Pit Out Race Fuel, PI=Pit In, SY=Sorry, TY=Thank You, NP=No Problem, BRB=Be Right Back, GLA=Good Luck All).

Full chat is allowed in the last 2 minutes of qualifying and after the race when all drivers crossed the finish line.

Full chat is allowed during qualifying on fun (non-championship) events.

Server crash

If it happens in qualiying – All times are lost, we start a new (shorter) session, then continue with the planned race.

If it happens during the race – If half of the race length was completed by all running competitors the race is declared as finished and full points are given. If the server crashes in the first half of the race, we vote in the IGOR chat if (a) we rerun the race with the same grid at the given night or (b) reschedule the whole event to the end of the season.


Being a gentleman league we don't need penalties, but if even so it would be:

  • a reprimand (for unsafe pit exit, ignoring flags)
  • point or credit reduction (for blocking manouvers, causing crash)
  • ban from the series (intentional contact)

Accidents would be inspected by 2 (or 3) regular drivers selected after each race. Accidents must be reported by the end of the week in the race report. Please denote the affected drivers and the time of the accident as you can see on the server replay.

Special formats

VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR LAP – It is used on fun races and when we are short of participants in the race (less than six drivers). It's always at the half of the race (for example: the 6th lap of a 10 lap long event), but it's not necessarily a full lap. Start and end point of VSCL is always announced in GPL chat and/or in race topic. During VSCL the race leader slows down and gathers the field at a reasonable slow pace. If someone spins or goes off the track during VSCL he must not retake his original position but rejoin the field where he can.

TEAM RACE – Except when otherwise stated, teams are formed by grid positions: first with last, second with second-to-last, and so on. Points according to the scoring system. Points are added up by team. Drivers with no qual lap time set race as individuals and earn no points. The team with more points wins. In a dead heat the best results decide.

ONE LAP QUALIFYING – Drivers join the server, then wait till they are called by race admin to start their warmup and fast lap. While someone is on his fast lap, the next driver starts his warmup lap. When a driver finished his fast lap, he must stop and hit esc-enter. Drivers will be called in join order. Race admin drives last. When all drivers set a lap time, they can leave the pits for testing purposes, but are not allowed to complete the lap. After practice time clocked down we run a fun race.

SEMI-REVERSED GRID – If we would have a constant number of drivers it could be a simple reversed grid, but nowadays we see only 6-9 cars on the grid. So to avoid the problem of 12-14 empty slots on the top of the grid we use this semi-reversed method.
Grid position swappings for Semi-Reversed Grid Events:
1 -> 4, 2 -> 3, 3 -> 2, 4 -> 1
5 -> 8, 6 -> 7, 7 -> 6, 8 -> 5
9 -> 12, 10 -> 11, 11 -> 10, 12 -> 9
13 -> 16, 14 -> 15, 15 -> 14, 16 -> 13
17 -> 20, 18 -> 19, 19 -> 18, 20 -> 17
This works automatically, you don't have to leave and rejoin the server in specific order.

HOTLAP CHALLENGES – These are offline hotlap competitions with given track+mod combos. Each challenge has a window when you can set your lap times. It starts usually 15 days before deadline. You must upload your player.ini (plac65.ini, etc) file to enter a challenge. If you are a registered Groundhog driver, please log in before uploading your file. If you are new to this league, you can upload your file and will be registered as a guest automatically. Before further uploads please contact a league admin for login data.

DRAG RACE – Always held at Z1000 track. A drag race contains 8 heats from which 6 results count. Finish positions are rewarded with usual points. The points add up, the driver with the most points win. It is like a mini championship. Heats are run during a long practice session. Be sure you can join the server in time. First heat starts at 20:10 UK time. Starts are shot by an admin on the chat. So please doublecheck if your in-car chat is switched ON. At Z1000 you don't need to finish the lap. Positions are recorded from tv2 camera. It's very much advised to use the asphalt upgrade for z1000. This will help you to keep straight line. Download link: z1000_asphalt.zip

NIGHT RACE – For these races you have to use the [ fog ] graphic option in your track.ini files by manually edit to contain these lines:

  [ fog ]
  type = 1         ; 0 means fog is switched off
  density = 5.50   ; 0.01--9.99, higher value means thicker fog
  fog_r = 0        ; red color
  fog_g = 0        ; green color
  fog_b = 0        ; blue color

Please note you must use Nigel's v2 rasterizers to see [ fog ] working.

You can also use Martin's GPLFog utility which contains a few more predefined fog settings.

GPLFog website     SRMZ.net forum topic

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