Excuse me!  “While braking for the Parabolica it was obvious that the knock at Lesmo had switched the BRM settings to 'bus brakes' mode. It went straight on. ”

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Groundhog event: Riverside 1971

Season: Groundhog Festival Events 2012   “Open Test”

Date: Nov 01, 2012 / 8   Mod: CA 1971   Qual: 25 mins   Race: 18 laps   FPS: 60

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Past winner/s

Y Tim Yeiser 10×  Tom Johnson 7×  Urban Alsenmyr 4×  Robby Hunter 2×  Tom Yeiser 2×  Yannick Verheijen 2×  Alex der Gaertner 1×  Anders Ostlund 1×  Burt August 1×  Dave Rainier 1×  David Cooke Jnr 1×  Jim Carvalho 1×  Joao Marcon 1×  Peter Russell 1×  Tristan Bot 1× 

Lap records – CA 1971 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
McLaren M8F
Urban Alsenmyr
Lola T260
Yannick Verheijen
McLaren M8D
Urban Alsenmyr
McLaren M8B/C/E
Lasse Oetinger
Ferrari 712M
Gregory Taber
Shadow MkII
Joao Marcon
Porsche 917/10
Gregory Taber

All records on Track info page

Drivers' comments

That was Fun ;)

To bad we frooze in the last lap.
Thanks for racing and hosting.
Cu next time.

Pedro van den Berg 11/02/2012 21:45:35

Got a little bit surprised when I had a qualification lap of 1:31.51, less then 0.1 sec from my pb.
After the start I quickly opened up a comfortable gap down to 2nd place.
Then I just contolled it, doing 1:33's. Got a scare after turn 7 on L15 when Marco hit the haybales and bounced back on to the track and hit my Lola in the side, lost some time but the car seemed undamaged.
Only a couple of seconds after I crossed the finishing line on the last lap I got a freeze, the sound also disappeared.
Always fun with a hat-trick and it was fun to race those bastards, would have been even better if I've had some close fights. A slower car next time , maybe.

Anders Ostlund 11/02/2012 19:09:14

A had a few mistakes in the race, one of them lead to a shiftr, this resulted a one lap down finish... Anders is back with a hat-trick. Somehow I'm not surprised. :D Well done buddy!
It was great to see lots of new names though I know it was because the open test. I hope at least one or two of them would stay with us. :)

Jani Posta 11/02/2012 10:01:48

The Porsche is a nice car, a little bit slow on those long Riverside straights. It will do better on tracks like Mosport.
Made four qualification stints with the Lola T260 this afternoon, best laptime was a 1:31.82.

Anders Ostlund 10/31/2012 16:09:53

I had a few sessions with the Porsche and I thoroughly enjoyed the car+track combo. My lap times are not very promising, with Anders on the grid I will be happy with anything if I finish on the lead lap. :)

Jani Posta 10/31/2012 14:08:14

Sry, no CanAm mod installed... well to be honest I'm a 67 to the core guy, as someone may have understood ;)
GLAll and have fun.

Lorenzo Melli 10/30/2012 10:09:53

I can't run a second race. Those who sign up here got priority.

Jani Posta 10/26/2012 14:40:51

I hope it will be a full grid so that any problems with the track will show.
I'll be there, probably in the T260.
What if a lot of people turn up?
A second race after the first one?

Anders Ostlund 10/26/2012 14:14:53

I think that the problems (if any) will turn out during the qual. If it happens so, we will still can change to the 1960 version. (http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=usgp1960)

Jani Posta 10/26/2012 11:26:20

Can't we drive an older/other version then? :)

Marco de Vries 10/26/2012 11:18:42

Autumn break in the championship.

This race will be an open track test. As you can read in the linked SRMZ topic, others had problem during an online race on this new Riverside version. It might have been the track but could be occured by the server too.

The CanAm mod available at http://canam71.gplworld.eu/ - I'd urge everyone to download and try it. At least on this race. :)

Jani Posta 10/26/2012 07:13:27

I think that Ginetto, the track author, is going to solve the problem as he is aware of it.
He has posted in that tread and wrote something about a “reduced view file“.

Anders Ostlund 10/19/2012 22:35:08

I've just found this topic on srmz.net:

I'm not sure, we might change to Riverside 1960.

Jani Posta 10/19/2012 16:57:42

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