Excuse me!  “My f___ing gears stuck in third, so i was passed by all, and the f___ing hedgehog.”

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Fun-Liga event: Nürburgring

Season: 2017/2 - F1 1955   “Rank”

Date: Dec 13, 2017 / 19:30 UK   Mod: 1955   Qual: 60 mins   Race: 5 laps   FPS: 60

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Past winner/s

Gregory Taber 11×  Carsten Theile 7×  Tristan Bot 6×  Pelle Buchner 5×  David Cooke Jnr 4×  Damian Panaggio 3×  Hernan Suarez 3×  Iestyn Davies 3×  Mario Wilhelm 3×  Tom Johnson 3×  Alex Tikhonov 2×  Claudio Callipo 2×  Dag Johnsen 2×  Gabor Olah 2×  Horacio Ostoich 2×  Jim Carvalho 2×  Joao Marcon 2×  Jorge Suarez 2×  José Fierroford 2×  Kelvin Mace 2×  Lasse Oetinger 2×  Mark Jones 2×  Tom Yeiser 2×  Y Tim Yeiser 2×  Yannick Verheijen 2×  Alejo Ortiz 1×  Anders Ostlund 1×  Bastian Grupp 1×  Bernie Darwin 1×  Bosse Froderberg 1×  Cesare Ascari 1×  Christof Gietzelt 1×  Dan Down 1×  David Breedveld 1×  David Sochenna 1×  Ed Cullen 1×  Enrique Farina 1×  Frank Miele 1×  Gez Dickinson 1×  Gyula Soos 1×  Ian McIlroy 1×  John Hammonds 1×  Kruger Enge 1×  Laszlo Brixel 1×  Maarten Steverink 1×  Mariano Dominguez 1×  Michael Lowery 1×  Pablo Fernandez 1×  Pablo Sosa 1×  Paul Jackson 1×  Paul Skingley 1×  Peter Brock 1×  Radek Petera 1×  Robert Fleurke 1×  Sam Blood 1×  Stefan Roess 1×  Steve Cloyd 1×  Steve McLaren 1×  Tamas Juhasz 1×  Tim Muttram 1×  Urban Alsenmyr 1×  William Tway 1× 

Lap records – 1955 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
Gordini T16
Clive Loynes
Connaught Type B
Albrecht Kleinfeld
Ferrari 625
Francesco Molteni
Lancia D50
Carlos Cendejas
Vanwall VW55
Reiver Ecosse
Maserati 250F
Tim Muttram
Mercedes W196
Gregory Taber

All records on Track info page

Drivers' comments

The amount/chance of damage is reduced in Intermediate but it does not really change my driving style very much.

I do tend to go lower revs sometimes on Pro mode, but that is more in trend of saving fuel rather than watching my engine.

But better safe than sorry, I think.

Yannick Verheijen 12/16/2017 13:41:05

Thanks Yannick,
UKGPL run intermediate as well and the Gordini still tends to go pop!
With the mod being so young it is difficult to know what to do with regard to engine revs. I have Monza10K again on Tuesday but this time it is intermediate instead of the pro setting that GPLRACER use. Can I let it rev a bit more?

Clive Loynes 12/16/2017 12:24:48

They run Intermediate so I think that is a yes.

Yannick Verheijen 12/16/2017 11:50:26

I noticed that Lasse was reving the Gordini quite hard in this race, to a level where I would have expected it to go bang!

I have been advised to keep it out of the red if I want the engine to last a race. So are the FUN-Liga races run with a lower engine damage setting?

Clive Loynes 12/15/2017 23:46:36

Anyway, thanks for an entertaining season.

Too bad I participated in only half of them, I feel I could have claimed the championship if it wasn't for missing some.

Also, CanAm and GT next year, sign me up for that :)

Yannick Verheijen 12/14/2017 10:47:26

I made an absolute mess out of lap 1 at Adenauer Forst and past Kallenhard which dropped me quite a bit.

So afterwards I started to push to get close to Mario and gained on him a number of seconds each lap until I passed him at the end of lap 4.

Then he made contact in Aremberg in which he inherited the lead. Afterwards I made contact with him at Kallenhard and we both needed a reset.

But by then I reclaimed the first position and I took the advantage as I was the first to shift-R, and to the finish.

Yannick Verheijen 12/14/2017 10:25:40

I wanted to start, but got a long phone call until 20:55....before login into my machine...

Bastian Grupp 12/14/2017 10:24:08

I was quite pleased with my run in the Gordini, achieving a PB on lap three. Sadly, I then ripped the wheels off on lap four and needed a ShiftR and subsequent SnG.

As always happens when one starts to go a little quicker, you discover new problems. On this occasion, going a little faster at Fuchsrohre, I bottomed-out and shot off the track to the left! Shame, as I was just getting to sense that Martin was having problems of his own, as I had just passed him having a grassy moment.

Clive Loynes 12/14/2017 00:03:34

1955 without Nurburgring! ;-)

Clive Loynes 12/13/2017 22:37:05

Ah, sorry. I couldn't make it

Jani Posta 12/13/2017 21:00:56

Welcome Jani to the final round,
we are discussing wich mod to race next season...

Axel Cookie 12/13/2017 19:59:52

Good to see you back on the '55 track Jani.

I expect to have had enough of this one at about half way through practice!

Clive Loynes 12/13/2017 19:48:36

I might be able to join this one. Practice at least..

Jani Posta 12/13/2017 13:24:10

Feeling much better but still can't do more than half a lap without tearing the wheels off!

Clive Loynes 12/13/2017 12:42:05

Can't make this one because I'm not well and have taken to my bed.
Have fun.

Clive Loynes 12/06/2017 20:14:15

The Training for the final 55 Race is tonight 20:30 CET
Everybody is welcomed

Axel Cookie 12/06/2017 13:46:54

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