Excuse me!  “I got mugged by a wall of Hondas.”

Groundhog Weekly

Groundhog's League News Page – GPL WEEKLY

Groundhog event: Daytona 1967

Season: GroundMOD Season 5 - Hotlap Challenge  

Deadline: Aug 19, 2018 / 20:00 UK   Mod: 1955   Time to beat so far: 0:53.824s

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Past winner/s

Robert Fleurke 2×  Burt August 1×  Col Bentley 1×  Renato Jungle 1×  Ricardo Ramos 1×  Ricardo Silva 1×  Yannick Verheijen 1× 

Lap records – 1955 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
Mercedes W196 SL
Yannick Verheijen
Maserati 250F
Jani Posta

All records on Track info page

Drivers' comments

Great news Jani, I did not know ..

If there were more opponents, it could become an interesting ending
: D

Piero Mercaldo 08/21/2018 23:32:28

Best 6 results count, Yannick! ;)

Jani Posta 08/21/2018 11:05:24

Can't you guys let me win for once, geez!? :P

Well done Yannick and Piero :)

Robert Fleurke 08/20/2018 23:48:11

Thanks guys.

Don't think I am going to make it to Piero, though. Unless he skips a race as well :P

Yannick Verheijen 08/20/2018 21:22:33

Grats Yannick and all! I was happy to beat the 110% :D

Jani Posta 08/20/2018 21:04:25

Grats Yannick really a great time.

I agree with Clive, in fact I also lost myself with the exchange ratios ..

See you in Riverside

Piero Mercaldo 08/20/2018 11:37:08

It seems to be all about getting one gear ratio right.

And I've failed!

Clive Loynes 08/18/2018 21:50:38

Oval races are fun. You just have to have a proper field. We used to have a 2h long Indy race years ago with 10+ drivers that was a blast - even with 4 laps down :D

Jani Posta 08/18/2018 20:00:56

I think that Alonso interests only to be able to fight for the victory in Indianapolis
I do not like the ovals, however, if they propose to try a real race car, I would go running.. :D

Piero Mercaldo 08/18/2018 13:01:37

I think that Alonso is going to get bored with this!

Clive Loynes 08/17/2018 21:30:52

Great lap Yannick..

I had used the default setup and I thought that under 55 was difficult.

Piero Mercaldo 08/09/2018 14:13:20

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