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GPLRacer event: Sepang

Season: 1965 Mod Cup (2018)  

Date: Oct 30, 2018 / 20:30 CET   Mod: 1965   Qual: 30 mins   Race: 20 laps   FPS: 36

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Past winner/s

Alex Tikhonov 1×  Christian Schegtel 1×  Erik vd Heijden 1×  Gary Fourson 1×  Horacio Ostoich 1×  Marcos Mirande 1×  Rhys Gibb 1×  Yannick Verheijen 1× 

Lap records – 1965 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
Lotus 33
Piero Mercaldo
Brabham BT11
Erik vd Heijden
BRM P261
Alex Tikhonov
Brabham BT7
Steven McLaren
Honda RA272
Glenn Titan
Ferrari 512
Oliver Kloesov
Cooper T77
Ricardo Werther

All records on Track info page

Drivers' comments

I like the track, fun to drive, plenty of room for racing & still more time to be found ...

I was having a really fun race with Stefan, Roman, Marco, Yannick, Pedro & Paul for the first 10 laps until some close racing got too close for gpl & the collison box put me in the barrier. I spun in front of Yannick & he couldn*t avoid me enough.

Kind of poetic justice after I had had a very similar incident with Stefan earlier where he spun in front of me & I couldn't avoid him, punting him out of the race. Really sorry about that Stefan :(

It's all a bit of a shame because the race was turning into a classic.

Grats podium, thanks admins :)
cu all at assen.

Roo Mellor 10/30/2018 22:59:32

The day was very hard and I arrived at the race with little concentration.
In qualifying I could not find my pace and erik was better at doing Pole.
In the race more or less the same thing, I took advantage of the mistake of Erik and I took a fair advantage, then I again focused and I turned losing the first position, I started to shoot Erik but a doubled me slowed down and I got distracted by making a second mistake.
Given my mood it's OK to have finished second.
Congratulations to Erik really strong and to Uli for the Podium.
Bravo Marco and good all the survivors
I liked the track and it's fun in the race
Too bad there was not Robert.

See you next time
Thanks to the organizers

Piero Mercaldo 10/30/2018 21:56:26

Rescheduled to 30th of October!

Robert Fleurke 10/09/2018 19:59:43

For this race I would have used the Ferrari, nice and very fast on this track, even the Honda is fine but with both cars I overheat the engine and in the end I decided for the Lotus very reliable for my driving. The Cooper I have not tried but I know that with Robert turns and flies ..
See you tomorrow

Piero Mercaldo 10/08/2018 16:23:24

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