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GPLRacer event: Brands Hatch

Season: 1965 Mod Cup (2019)  

Date: Feb 05, 2019 / 20:30 CET   Mod: 1965   Qual: 30 mins   Race: 28 laps   FPS: 36

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Past winner/s

Tom Johnson 17×  Y Tim Yeiser 6×  Clive Gardner 4×  Horacio Ostoich 4×  Robby Hunter 3×  Gabor Olah 2×  Hristo Itchov 2×  Mark Jones 2×  Paul Skingley 2×  Robert Fleurke 2×  Urban Alsenmyr 2×  Axel Cookie 1×  Bo Bruce 1×  Bryan Waters 1×  Carlos Cendejas 1×  Chad Miller 1×  Clive Loynes 1×  Col Bentley 1×  Dag Johnsen 1×  David Cooke Jnr 1×  Enrique Farina 1×  Gianni Alvaro 1×  Gregory Taber 1×  Harald Podzielny 1×  Ian McIlroy 1×  Ivan Tierno 1×  Jim Carvalho 1×  Joao Marcon 1×  John Manvell 1×  Kruger Enge 1×  Maarten Steverink 1×  Mario Wilhelm 1×  Mark Barresi 1×  Natan Veksler 1×  Philippe Girard 1×  Renato Jungle 1×  Ricardo Werther 1×  Robert John 1×  Roy van Drunen 1×  Sam Blood 1×  Sam Dobie 1×  tagomago 1×  Tim Muttram 1×  tom gu 1×  Tom Guérout 1×  Zack Speed 1× 

Lap records – 1965 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
Honda RA272
Zack Speed
Ferrari 512
Gregory Taber
Lotus 33
Uli Hofmann
Brabham BT11
Clive Gardner
Brabham BT7
Hristo Itchov
Cooper T77
Alessandro Isacchini
BRM P261
Laurent Coeffic

All records on Track info page

Drivers' comments

I was surprised at my start position but also worried about being in the thick of it at T1. I had nowhere to go, rear ended piero & got stuck on a bollard :doh: The car was bent so it took a number of laps to get to grips with the new car. Made progress & threw it away, multiple times. Tried hard to stay on the lead lap but had my most fun chasing Erik after he lapped me :thumbup: & set 4th fastest lap in the process :whistle:

Grats podium & finishers. Shame for those caught in the T1 melee. Thanks admins, you're stars :clap:

Enjoy the coming races, I'm sad to miss some classics. I will see you at Road Atlanta, I'm off for sunshine & rocks down under :mrgreen:

Roo Mellor 02/05/2019 23:25:28

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