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ADC event: Kyalami

Season: 2019 Wednesday Race   “Wednesday Race”

Date: May 29, 2019 / 21:00 US EST   Mod: 1969   Qual: 30 mins   Race: 22 laps   FPS: 36

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Past winner/s

José Fierroford 8×  Y Tim Yeiser 7×  Robert Fleurke 6×  Urban Alsenmyr 5×  Clive Gardner 4×  Jani Posta 4×  Joao Marcon 4×  Paul Skingley 4×  Tom Johnson 4×  Carlos Cendejas 3×  Hernan Suarez 3×  Mario Wilhelm 3×  Pablo Sosa 3×  Andre Jahren 2×  Andrew Livingston 2×  Bastian Grupp 2×  Bosse Froderberg 2×  Enrique Farina 2×  Gez Dickinson 2×  Gregory Taber 2×  Horacio Ostoich 2×  Iestyn Davies 2×  James Mayes 2×  Tom Yeiser 2×  Anders Ostlund 1×  Anders Salomonsson 1×  Bob Simpson 1×  Cesare Ascari 1×  Christof Gietzelt 1×  Dag Johnsen 1×  Dale J. Smith 1×  Damian Panaggio 1×  Daniel Demarchi 1×  Dave Rainier 1×  Doni Yourth 1×  Fabio Locarno 1×  Fredrik Holmberg 1×  Gabor Soos 1×  Gareth Hall 1×  Guille Brazao 1×  Gyula Soos 1×  Harald Podzielny 1×  Ian McIlroy 1×  Jim Carvalho 1×  Jorge Suarez 1×  Juan McMahon 1×  Kruger Enge 1×  Leffa Westlund 1×  Maarten Steverink 1×  Martin Gilmour 1×  Miguel Palud 1×  Mike Ratters 1×  ozpata 1×  Pelle Buchner 1×  Peter Stenning 1×  Renato Jungle 1×  Roo Mellor 1×  Roy van Drunen 1×  ruben ramos 1×  Sanjin Haler 1×  Sid Manns 1×  Tim Muttram 1×  Tristan Bot 1×  William Tway 1×  Yannick Verheijen 1× 

Lap records – 1969 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
Matra MS80
Guille Brazao
Lotus 49B
Horacio Ostoich
Brabham BT26A
Anders Ostlund
Ferrari 312 (69)
Mariano Dominguez
McLaren M7
Sanjin Haler
Matra MS10
Hernan Suarez
BRM P126
Danilo Petricca
Ferrari 312
Paul Skingley
Brabham BT26
Alain Maurice
BRM P126-139
Clive Gardner
Lotus 63
Adrian Canepa
Brabham BT20
Doni Yourth
Matra MS84
Doni Yourth
Eagle AAR 101
Tom Johnson
Cooper T86B
Doni Yourth

All records on Track info page

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