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Groundhog Weekly

Groundhog's League News Page – GPL WEEKLY

Track info: Milwaukee Dirt Track us

ID in standings tablesMDT
Folder name on your PCmildirt
Length1609 m
Downloadvia Alternative Track Database

Past races

league / season (races, standings, stats) / date winner / car race time (results) / laps entries
Groundhog  Hotlap Challenges 2019
May 19, 2019
Bjørn Finnestad 
Maserati 250F 1955
1 laps

Lap records

lap time car mod driver date
0:41.311s Maserati 250F F1 1955 Bjørn Finnestad  May 19, 2019
0:41.737s Lancia D50 F1 1955 Axel Cookie  May 19, 2019
0:42.858s Vanwall VW55 F1 1955 Jani Posta  May 19, 2019

Best race times by mod and lap number

winner's average
lap time
race time laps mod driver car season (info) date (results)
0:41.311s 0:41.311s 1 1955 Bjørn Finnestad Maserati 250F GHOG2019-1 May 19, 2019

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