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GBGPL event: Zandvoort + F1 1965

CRank Track Season: Festival Events   “1965's Fun Race”

Date: Dec 15, 2008   Mod: 1965   Qual: 30 mins   Race: 27 laps

Lorenzo Galluzzi won Zandvoort “1965's Fun Race” race of Festival Events

Lorenzo Galluzzi won Zandvoort “1965's Fun Race” race of Festival Events | Dec 15, 2008

Starting from position 2 on the grid, Lorenzo Galluzzi's Cooper T77 crossed the line ahead of Clive Gardner's Brabham BT11 to take the win. Clive Loynes rounded out the top three in a Brabham BT11, while fastest race lap was set by Lorenzo Galluzzi also.

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p driver car time/gap
1 Lorenzo Galluzzi COO 40:18.071s
2 Clive Gardner BRA +20.060s
3 Clive Loynes BRA +44.740s
4 Natan Veksler LOT +46.961s
5 Andrew Livingston FER +57.182s
6 Roo Mellor BRM +1:03.411s
7 Leffa Westlund LOT +1:10.806s
8 Sid Manns BRA +1:18.829s
9 William Tway FER +1:22.143s
10 Ligel Canello FER 2 laps
11 Dan Weggemans HON 2 laps
Gez Dickinson LOT 4 laps
nc Colm O Regan BRA 19 laps
nc Peter Stenning HON 25 laps
nc Magnus Rubensson HON 27 laps
dns Ian Curnow BRM 27 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Clive Gardner
Brabham BT11 1:28.175s

2 Lorenzo Galluzzi
Cooper T77 1:28.269s
3 Natan Veksler
Lotus 33 1:29.124s

4 Clive Loynes
Brabham BT11 1:29.278s
5 Leffa Westlund
Lotus 33 1:29.333s

6 Dan Weggemans
Honda RA272 1:29.584s
7 Andrew Livingston
Ferrari 512 1:29.627s

8 Roo Mellor
BRM P261 1:29.755s
9 William Tway
Ferrari 512 1:30.112s

10 Gez Dickinson
Lotus 33 1:30.204s
11 Magnus Rubensson
Honda RA272 1:30.208s

12 Sid Manns
Brabham BT7 1:30.621s
13 Colm O Regan
Brabham BT11 1:31.025s

14 Ian Curnow
BRM P115 1:33.040s
15 Peter Stenning
Honda RA272 1:33.514s

16 Ligel Canello
Ferrari 512 1:34.506s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Lorenzo Galluzzi COO 1:28.544s
2 Clive Gardner BRA 1:28.888s
3 Andrew Livingston FER 1:29.106s
4 Roo Mellor BRM 1:29.392s
5 Clive Loynes BRA 1:29.440s
6 Leffa Westlund LOT 1:29.489s
7 Natan Veksler LOT 1:29.826s
8 William Tway FER 1:29.955s
9 Gez Dickinson LOT 1:30.030s
10 Sid Manns BRA 1:30.352s
11 Colm O Regan BRA 1:30.405s
12 Dan Weggemans HON 1:30.919s
13 Ligel Canello FER 1:33.177s
14 Peter Stenning HON 1:37.072s
Ian Curnow BRM no time
Magnus Rubensson HON no time

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Report by Jani Posta.

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