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Groundhog event: Watkins Glen + F1 1967

CRank Track Season: Groundhog 1967 Season 1  

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Track: Watkins Glen    Mod: 1967    FPS: 60    Number of racers: 11

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Date: Dec 08, 2011   Mod: 1967   Qual: 25 mins   Race: 33 laps

Allan Davis won Watkins Glen race of Groundhog 1967 season

Allan Davis won Watkins Glen race of Groundhog 1967 season | Dec 08, 2011

Starting from position 2 on the grid, Allan Davis's Eagle T1G crossed the line ahead of Jani Posta's Ferrari 312 to take the win. John Manvell rounded out the top three in a Lotus 49, while fastest race lap was set by Jani Posta also.

This race was rated as 4/5 Great


p driver car time/gap
1 Allan Davis EAG 36:37.762s
2 5/5Jani Posta FER +1.550s
3 John Manvell LOT +24.677s
4 Andrew Livingston FER +25.569s
5 William Tway FER +35.521s
6 Leffa Westlund FER +45.543s
7 3/5Marco de Vries EAG 1 lap
nc Sid Manns BRA 21 laps
nc Magnus Rubensson FER 23 laps
nc Beno Csomor FER 23 laps
dns Bosse Froderberg BRA 33 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Allan Davis
Eagle T1G 1:05.280s

2 Andrew Livingston
Ferrari 312 1:05.495s
3 Leffa Westlund
Ferrari 312 1:05.498s

4 Jani Posta
Ferrari 312 1:05.659s
5 John Manvell
Lotus 49 1:05.772s

6 William Tway
Ferrari 312 1:05.811s
7 Bosse Froderberg
Brabham BT24 1:06.119s

8 Sid Manns
Brabham BT24 1:06.404s
9 Magnus Rubensson
Ferrari 312 1:06.842s

10 Marco de Vries
Eagle T1G 1:07.311s
11 Beno Csomor
Ferrari 312 1:09.124s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Jani Posta FER 1:05.282s
2 Allan Davis EAG 1:05.311s
3 William Tway FER 1:05.744s
4 Leffa Westlund FER 1:05.914s
5 Andrew Livingston FER 1:05.950s
6 John Manvell LOT 1:06.055s
7 Sid Manns BRA 1:06.710s
8 Marco de Vries EAG 1:06.943s
9 Magnus Rubensson FER 1:07.123s
10 Beno Csomor FER 1:07.307s
Bosse Froderberg BRA no time

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Drivers' comments

I watched the replay, wow what a battle 33 laps of thrill between the two frontrunners, Jani and Allan and loads of action behind as well.

I really looked forward to a race a watking glen but when I already at my outlap did 10370 i was for a tenth of 2nd happiest in the world :D

Then I recieed a dislike from MrsBo when I unplugged the temporary network cable going to our television set and rejoined in the brabham.

Problem was still there though , massive warp/lag. A 13.50 on the 3rd sector is faster than my Lotus sector time. I also noticed that other cars vanished here and there I guessed it was on my side problem was. Probably problem would have been fixed with a restart of network card=computer but with only 30s left i was notime so I decided to let it be. MrsBo was happy and I joined in the sofa in front of telly giving hairoy feet of MrsBo a treat :).

I relly looked forward to a tie race with Jani or Attilio, some other time gents, I look forward to to int nonetheless :)

I did not understood that two worst races was not counted so I was surprised to be on the top of the standings instead of Jani. Mid season I thought Attilio would take the season podium. He is true alien material as we have seen not only in the 67s.

Thanks you all for a great season. Special sincere thanks to Allan, still giving us a treatment of his (not only virtual) racing skills despite heart surgery, you are amazing, cheers mate !

A very special thanks to Jani who had the courage to take the responsibility and huge amount of time of a new league in his hands. A big bow to you.

And Will, I hope to cya more next season ;)

Cya in the intermediate acitivies. If not, merry christmas :D :D


Bosse Froderberg 12/12/2011 23:39:54

Congrats Allan and Bossemon. Great season. Hope to turn up for more during the winter months.
Love the Glen but always find a way to fall off at one point or another. No worries for any punts. It's all part of the deal.

Merry Christmas to all.


William Tway 12/12/2011 18:41:37

Replay uploaded. Sorry for the delay.

Jani Posta 12/09/2011 20:54:32

My first race back after a stay in hospital for a rather nasty operation which has kept me out for a while. Monza was going to be my return but I got thrown out before the start there. Being a bit rusty I thought I should do a little practice a couple of days before this race. After playing around with the setup I eventually got down to a 1.05.03 which was very close to my PB. In Qualifying I got down to a 1.05.44, then took some fuel out and did three laps managing 1.05.28. I thouhgt that was quite good until I saw a 1.03.701 on the board from Bosse. I came to the conclusion that he must have Kers, DRS and a Turbo in his Ferrari. Bosse couldn't believe the time either and said there must be something wrong as he went out and came back with the Brabham. He did a time but he still wasn't happy and decided not to take apart. Shame but he had already done enough to win the champoinship.
Got a good start but had three Ferrari's scrapping behind me. After about five laps Jani had a clear run and was soon on my tail. On Lap 8 he got a good run on me on the back straight, came round the outside through the speed trap and dived down the inside and cleanly took me into Big Bend. I latched onto his tail, got a good run out of the Esses and was ahead again into The Loop. On Lap 10 Jani tried the same move again into Big Bend but I thought I was still far enough ahead to take my line but there was contact between Jani's front left and my right rear and I spun, clipped the fence on the outside before rejoining with minor suspension damage. Jani, being the gentleman that he is, waited for me but as we resumed John came swooping round the outside of us. I dived down the inside into The 90, John turned in and just clipped my left rear and spun himself off. Jani nipping through behind me. On Lap 16 Jani had a really good run at me down the back straight. I thought he had enough speed on to take me so as we went through the sped trap I put my hand up to indicate to him that I knew he was there. I kept to the left and braked a little early to give him a clear run at the apex. I was too busy sorting myself out to see that he was a little bit wide through the speed trap and had lifted a little and lost a bit of momentum and had already pulled over to the left behind me and gave me a little nudge up the rear. My fault entirely. Sorry Jani. I was trying not to hold you up. I did a quick 360 on the move and continued. I thought that if Jani got that close again, I would make my intentions a little clearer. I was expecting a late attack but much to my surprise it didn't happen and I brought it home safely. Great racing and to have a win again at my age was magic.
A big thanks to Jani for all his hard work making this possible for all of us.

Allan Davis 12/09/2011 11:41:08

I need to apologize to sid and will, I pulled right out in front of you guys after I got together with the leaders on lap 10. Sorry about that, I thought I was gonna spin it around and take off before you guys got there. After that it was a long rung with Andrew 60-100 meters back for last half of race. Nerve-racking but I just concentrated on making good laps and hitting all my marks. It paid off with a third. Fun racing, thanks guys!

John Manvell 12/09/2011 03:39:12

It was fantastic. P4 on the grid, a good start and close run with the top 3.
After passing Andy and Leffa my race was about finding a way through below or above Allan. I had a few attempt, one was successful but Allan took back his position in the same lap... Two other attempts went wrong and we touched. At the first one John was close enough to pass me but went off right in the next corner.
So I was behind/beside Allan for the 90% of the race, but never had a real chance to grab the lead. My last chance was in the last lap: I lift the pressure on Allan and hoped he will make a mistake on his own. Guess what. He didn't! :D
Well done mate! Thanks for the whole race!
And thanks to everyone for the whole season. See you all on the Gmod season finisher next week and on the festival events!

Jani Posta 12/08/2011 23:14:11

That was quite a frustrating race. Qualy was bad. I made a good start but hit Will in the first lap. A lap later, I had a smoking engine. In the 3rd lap, my engine said BOOM. DAMN YOU WESLAKE!! After that, it was a lonely race in last place.
Congrats Allan with your win and Bosse for winning the championschip!

Marco de Vries 12/08/2011 22:22:57

If many is in slow cars I will change to Honda.

Bosse Froderberg 12/08/2011 19:53:51

I thought about ferrari too, maybe brabham. But I have not done a single lap in the brab in long time.

Btw, I am very occpupied tonight so I will just pop-in late and go away without any social talk. GLA in advance and grats to winner and everyone who feel they be happier with one :)

Bosse Froderberg 12/08/2011 19:52:29

1:05.13 in the Ferrari. What car will you drive? I might change to the Cooper.

Jani Posta 12/07/2011 20:34:08

Official results!

Report by Jani Posta.

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