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Groundhog event: Mosport + F1 1965

CRank Track Season: Groundhog 1967 Season 2   “It's 1965! race”

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Track: Mosport    Mod: 1965    FPS: 60    Number of racers: 9

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Date: Oct 25, 2012   Mod: 1965   Qual: 25 mins   Race: 27 laps

Alex Barresi won Mosport “It's 1965! race” race of Groundhog Season

Alex Barresi won Mosport “It's 1965! race” race of Groundhog Season | Oct 25, 2012

Starting from position 2 on the grid, Alex Barresi's Brabham BT11 crossed the line ahead of Mark Barresi's Brabham BT11 to take the win. Roo Mellor rounded out the top three in a Lotus 33, while fastest race lap was set by Mark Barresi also.

This race was rated as 2.7/5 Okay


p driver car time/gap
1 2/5Alex Barresi BRA 38:49.951s
2 Mark Barresi BRA +2.866s
3 Roo Mellor LOT +31.370s
4 3/5Jani Posta BRM +37.597s
5 Andrew Livingston FER +42.752s
6 Pedro van den Berg BRA 1 lap
7 3/5Marco de Vries LOT 1 lap
nc Sid Manns LOT 8 laps
nc Gabor Olah COO 17 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Mark Barresi
Brabham BT11 1:24.650s

2 Alex Barresi
Brabham BT11 1:25.422s
3 Gabor Olah
Cooper T77 1:25.680s

4 Jani Posta
BRM P261 1:25.920s
5 Roo Mellor
Lotus 33 1:25.921s

6 Pedro van den Berg
Brabham BT11 1:26.580s
7 Andrew Livingston
Ferrari 512 1:26.785s

8 Marco de Vries
Lotus 33 1:27.153s
9 Sid Manns
Lotus 33 1:28.797s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Mark Barresi BRA 1:25.175s
2 Roo Mellor LOT 1:25.622s
3 Alex Barresi BRA 1:25.700s
4 Gabor Olah COO 1:25.861s
5 Jani Posta BRM 1:25.955s
6 Pedro van den Berg BRA 1:26.102s
7 Andrew Livingston FER 1:26.200s
8 Marco de Vries LOT 1:27.214s
9 Sid Manns LOT 1:27.228s

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Drivers' comments

Mosport isn't a favourite track of mine because of T2 but in the 65's its a really nice, flowing track.
Quali went as expected, 5th but not far off my pb. I got a good start & jumped Jani straight off the line & nearly got Gabor into T1 but opted for safety & held my line as tight as possible to avoid an incident.
I ran 4th & kept pace with the leaders as they fought for position. I narrowly avoided Gabor when he got too much curb in T2 & I realized the following group had to avoid him too as the gap grew to a comfortable 20s or so.
I was trying to keep up with the Barresi brothers & did ok until the usual errors started creeping in, 5 in all, all at T2!
In the end I had a tough time holding off Jani :D
Really happy with my pace & the podium. It was great racing at the front for a change, they were maybe some of the best racing laps I've had :)
Cheers Jani for hosting & all for racing.

Roo Mellor 10/26/2012 12:06:39

I thought I would be good enough for a podium at least, though I hoped to finish ahead the Barresis, a lucky win maybe. But qualifying results swept away my dreams...
Even the cold reality was helped by the fact I had a really bad start, Roo passed easily, and Pedro had a chance on me too.
The first laps was everyone all together, sometimes hair-raisingly close. Then I had a bad exit from the Hairpin and a gap opened between the leading four and me. And it started to widen...
Then Gabor had a moment and I found him right across my way in T2. With Andy on my neck I tried to not waste any time, chose the right side to pass and felt everything okay but clipped the grass... Andy did the same trick and everyone but Sid passed us...
In the next lap Marco and Pedro fell back, a few laps later Gabor retired. That meant P4 for me with P3 (Roo) nowhere in sight but Andy in my mirrors - though in a healthy 3s distance.
My laps were getting better but I could gain on Roo only when he started to have problems. He got in sight for the last four laps, but I could not improve (hardly deliver my qual speed), so P4 was the best I could achieve.
Congrats to the winner! To Mark on the new league-record pole time! And all finishers. Thanks guys!

Jani Posta 10/26/2012 06:23:34

Fun race, my 100th! Fighting with Pedro all the time! :D Too bad, @ the end I was in front when Alex lapped me and Pedro passed me then. I lost him!

Marco de Vries 10/25/2012 22:27:25

Marco grats with 100
Alex with win!
And me with fun race.
Thanks all, cu nekst tiem.

Pedro van den Berg 10/25/2012 22:19:14

Time for my 100st race! Party!

Marco de Vries 10/24/2012 18:03:44

No 65mod installed sry. CY next one, GLA for Mosport :)

Lorenzo Melli 10/19/2012 10:45:27

As he won the two previous 1965 events, no Ferrari and Honda for Gabor.

Jani Posta 10/19/2012 06:21:42

Official results!

Report by Jani Posta.

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