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UKGPL event: Mosport + F1 1965

CRank Track Season: Season 29 – 1965 Professionals Trophy  

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Track: Mosport    Mod: 1965    FPS: 60    Number of racers: 12

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Date: Mar 15, 2016   Mod: 1965   Qual: 30 mins   Race: 31 laps

Tim Muttram won Mosport race of 1965 Pro season

Tim Muttram won Mosport race of 1965 Pro season | Mar 15, 2016

Starting from position 1 on the grid, Tim Muttram's BRM P261 crossed the line ahead of Robert Fleurke's Cooper T77 to take the win. Roo Mellor rounded out the top three in a Lotus 33, while fastest race lap was set by Roo Mellor also.

This race was rated as 3.5/5 Great


p driver car time/gap
1 Tim Muttram BRM 44:24.333s
2 4/5Robert Fleurke COO +0.730s
3 4/5Roo Mellor LOT +15.239s
4 Clive Gardner HON +24.568s
5 Dean Logan FER +27.725s
6 Iestyn Davies BRA +35.089s
7 Doni Yourth BRA +35.810s
8 Philippe Girard LOT +53.968s
9 Tristan Bot BRA 1 lap
10 3/5Axel Cookie LOT 2 laps
nc 3/5Jani Posta BRM 23 laps
nc Ray Cattini LOT 31 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Tim Muttram
BRM P261 1:24.962s

2 Roo Mellor
Lotus 33 1:25.140s
3 Robert Fleurke
Cooper T77 1:25.174s

4 Axel Cookie
Lotus 33 1:25.377s
5 Iestyn Davies
Brabham BT7 1:25.536s

6 Clive Gardner
Honda RA272 1:25.623s
7 Doni Yourth
Brabham BT11 1:25.681s

8 Tristan Bot
Brabham BT11 1:25.760s
9 Dean Logan
Ferrari 512 1:25.941s

10 Philippe Girard
Lotus 33 1:26.199s
11 Ray Cattini
Lotus 33 1:26.442s

12 Jani Posta
BRM P261 1:26.863s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Roo Mellor LOT 1:25.036s
2 Clive Gardner HON 1:25.177s
3 Robert Fleurke COO 1:25.256s
4 Tim Muttram BRM 1:25.409s
5 Tristan Bot BRA 1:25.494s
6 Dean Logan FER 1:25.536s
7 Axel Cookie LOT 1:25.723s
8 Iestyn Davies BRA 1:25.784s
9 Philippe Girard LOT 1:25.812s
10 Doni Yourth BRA 1:25.859s
11 Jani Posta BRM 1:26.350s
Ray Cattini LOT no time

Drivers' comments

LOL I was thinking of that qualifying session when I was sitting P1 with 5 minutes remaining :D

If I recall I wasn't in my starting position at the end of lap 1 then either ;)

Roo Mellor 03/17/2016 08:39:38

Again I had to quit the server early. It's a shame as I like Mosport - it's sooo dangerous :D

Plus Mosport is always special to me as it marked the GBGPL debut of a certain British bloke who scared the hell out of a newly crowned champion with his qualy pace :D

It also saw one of my best races when I held Convar (Gabor Olah) behind for thirty-something laps in the same chassis!

Thanks guys for these memories :)

Sorry if I was too nostalgic :D

Jani Posta 03/16/2016 19:21:05

Was on a superlap in quali, but mis-shifted last sector and missed out on a possible sub25 and pole. Still a good P3 for the start. All went well until Moss, when Roo bottomed out I guess. No worries mate. Anyway, slowed and tried to miss him but touched with him and I stalled almost. Axel did an amazing job avoiding me, however Iestyn got by him. Got some minor damage in the process but it didn't affect my race. It did affect a lot of other cars behind though, tough luck...

The laps after were very good, setting fast lap after fast lap, trying to close the gap with Tim who already was 3s up. Iestyn behind helped to push a bit more. After about 10 laps had reeled in Tim, but you simply can't pass with the T77 when someone is so solid and fast as well. Even when Tim made a few little mistakes, it was not enough to pass him. Ofcourse, despite I really wanted to win badly, I had to make sure to finish, not to beat myself. Once Tim clipped the inside kerb at Moss, and I just could miss him, before he outdragged me on the backstraight being alongside. Had a few close tows there, but the P261/Tim combination simply was too strong. Last lap had a bad exit and that was that...

Great race Tim, you did what you had to do! Also a great recovery by Roo, but I feel for Axel who deserved a podium today despite his problems here.

No win this season, yet five P2's and I scored in all races. I wouldn't say I deserved to become champion once again, but I earnt most points...Tim discoed at Montjuic, and he didn't attend previous race at Jops, he had 4 wins. Also well deserved 3rd in the final standings by Axel, with 3 wins. Both could have become champion with a bit more luck.

However very happy to win 65 Pro for the third time in a row, despite having no wins this season. The schedule was very hard for the T77, with so many very fast tracks Wink My plan was taking the RA273 next season, but I suppose I have to take the BT7 instead Tongue

Thanks all for racing, and thanks to Billy for modding and Axel for server duties! Smiley

Robert Fleurke 03/16/2016 19:02:14

Mosport is a strange track to me. Sometimes I can put good laps together but often I struggle in every corner around the lap.
My quali lap was one of my 'good' ones (pb) but it left me concerned about the start/opening laps. We made it through the first few corners ok but then that bloody corner bit me again & I caused carnage.
Sorry to everyone :(

I managed to stay on my wheels & got out of the way as soon as I could some 6s behind Axel. I couldn't close the gap at first but later in the race I started to gain on the battle ahead. I was able to pressure Iestyn but he's too experienced to crack & I opted to hang back rather than cause another accident. Then there was smoke ahead in T2 & I managed not to get radar locked onto it & made it through the corner to pick up a very lucky 3rd place.

Amazed at setting fastest lap (pb)!! I was chasing Iestyn at the time so got a bit of a tow down the back straight but a good 3rd sector really made the difference :)

Again, apologies to all, Ronnie in particular, for the mess on lap 1, grats to Tim on the win & Robert for the title.
I'm looking forward to competing a full season next season.

Roo Mellor 03/16/2016 12:52:40

Unofficial results!

Report by Robert Fleurke.

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