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Groundhog event: Spa 1967 + F1 1955

CRank Track Season: 1955 Rank Hotlap Challenges  

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Track: Spa 1967    Mod: 1955    FPS: 60    Number of racers: 7

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Date: Sep 21, 2017   Mod: 1955  

Yannick Verheijen set the fastest lap time on Spa 1967 race track in the 1955 Hotlap

Yannick Verheijen set the fastest lap time on Spa 1967 race track in the 1955 Hotlap | Sep 21, 2017

Yannick Verheijen (Mercedes W196) set the benchmark ahead of Axel Cookie (Mercedes W196) to take the win. Bastian Grupp rounded out the top three in a Mercedes W196 SL.

This race was rated as 3.6/5 Great

Best lap times

p driver car time/gap
1 5/5Yannick Verheijen MER 3:59.401s
2 4/5Axel Cookie MER +0.537s
3 4/5Bastian Grupp MER +2.880s
4 3/5Clive Loynes MER +3.929s
5 Carlos Cendejas LAN +5.938s
6 Arjen Hiemstra MER +7.339s
7 2/5Jani Posta CON +17.860s

Percental differences with focus on the 100-110% region
Yannick Verheijen 100%
Axel Cookie 100.22%
Bastian Grupp 101.2%
Clive Loynes 101.64%
Carlos Cendejas 102.48%
Arjen Hiemstra 103.07%
Jani Posta 107.46%

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Report by Jani Posta.

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