Excuse me!  “Qualy was very nice with my 3rd pole, didn't expect that. In the race the car was undriveable.”

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Mybroga event: Mosport + F1 1967

CRank Track Season: Mybroga Season 50 Div. A  

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Track: Mosport    Mod: 1967    FPS: 36    Number of racers: 15

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Date: Apr 11, 2018   Mod: 1967   Qual: 60 mins   Race: 32 laps

José Fierroford won Mosport race of S50 Div. A season

José Fierroford won Mosport race of S50 Div. A season | Apr 11, 2018


No. of

Starting from position 1 on the grid, José Fierroford's Ferrari 312 crossed the line ahead of Pablo Sosa's Brabham BT24 to take the win. Renato Jungle rounded out the top three in a Ferrari 312, while fastest race lap was set by Pablo Sosa also.

This race was rated as 3.5/5 Great


p driver car time/gap
1 José Fierroford FER 44:02.757s
2 Pablo Sosa BRA +5.945s
3 Renato Jungle FER +25.791s
4 Marcos Mirande COO +45.387s
5 4/5Carlos Cendejas HON +1:01.250s
6 3/5Dag Johnsen COO +1:06.357s
7 Frank Miele HON +1:17.403s
8 Enrique Farina HON 1 lap
9 Eduardo Lima HON 1 lap
10 Eagle Rapids HON 1 lap
11 Chuck Koboldt BRA 8 laps
nc Sebastian Skinner COO 21 laps
nc Miguel Palud FER 22 laps
nc Dario Fiocca LOT 25 laps
nc Valentin Brusaferri COO 29 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 José Fierroford
Ferrari 312 1:20.754s

2 Pablo Sosa
Brabham BT24 1:21.085s
3 Renato Jungle
Ferrari 312 1:21.289s

4 Marcos Mirande
Cooper T81B 1:21.994s
5 Enrique Farina
Honda RA300 1:22.427s

6 Dag Johnsen
Cooper T81B 1:22.427s
7 Valentin Brusaferri
Cooper T81B 1:22.593s

8 Sebastian Skinner
Cooper T81B 1:22.759s
9 Miguel Palud
Ferrari 312 1:22.917s

10 Carlos Cendejas
Honda RA300 1:23.030s
11 Frank Miele
Honda RA300 1:23.643s

12 Chuck Koboldt
Brabham BT24 1:23.945s
13 Eagle Rapids
Honda RA300 1:24.415s

14 Eduardo Lima
Honda RA300 1:25.011s
15 Dario Fiocca
Lotus 49 1:25.420s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Pablo Sosa BRA 1:21.173s
2 José Fierroford FER 1:21.634s
3 Renato Jungle FER 1:22.220s
4 Marcos Mirande COO 1:22.622s
5 Sebastian Skinner COO 1:22.748s
6 Miguel Palud FER 1:23.152s
7 Dag Johnsen COO 1:23.231s
8 Carlos Cendejas HON 1:23.237s
9 Frank Miele HON 1:23.403s
10 Enrique Farina HON 1:23.642s
11 Valentin Brusaferri COO 1:23.729s
12 Dario Fiocca LOT 1:24.544s
13 Chuck Koboldt BRA 1:24.726s
14 Eagle Rapids HON 1:24.900s
15 Eduardo Lima HON 1:25.460s

Drivers' comments

Maybe some problem that day, Dag. Also, consider that the server is in Argentina, Enrique in México and you in Norway. I think the lags of both to the server, even if not too large, are summed up when you see Enrique in the server...

Marcos Mirande 04/15/2018 19:28:30

Im running via cable. Dont have this in other leagues I drive so not sure what it is. Next race I might drop in and out from Q a few times , gonna try to test some stuff and see if I cant resolve this. 1st race was similar and the others were better so it comes and goes it seems.

Thanx Carlos

Dag Johnsen 04/15/2018 11:41:31

Not me Dag. Do you use an ethernet cable or Wi Fi ? Ethernet cable would be better.
But i also notice that you where ok in past races, so that is strange...
Did you see us with a lot of lag on past reces also?

I saw a little bit of the replay from in side your car and saw you where bumping around the track.


Carlos Cendejas 04/15/2018 09:24:29

Im having some connection issues it seems in Mybroga. The track runs smoothly but the cars Im racing jumps around something awful. I hung on behind Enrique in this race and it was like driving behind 7 Honda`s all at once. Makes it difficult and risky to run close behind other cars. Is there any setting I can tweak or others that have had this same issue?

Dag Johnsen 04/13/2018 14:43:16

Great race last night

Thanks to all drivers!

Marcos Mirande 04/13/2018 00:03:33

Grats Josè , Pablo y Renato. Strong pace up front and not much to do about it in a cooper. Climbed to p5 wich was nice but dropped back down after a couple of silly but not too costly mistakes.

Good one , c u @ Spa.

Dag Johnsen 04/12/2018 16:19:28

Official results!

Report by Marcos Mirande.

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