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PDLR event: Spa 1967 + F1 1967

CRank Track Season: 1967 Formula 1 Trophy  

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Track: Spa 1967    Mod: 1967    FPS: 36    Number of racers: 8

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Date: Apr 17, 2018   Mod: 1967   Qual: 20 mins   Race: 9 laps

Pelle Buchner won Spa 1967 race of 1967 Trophy season

Pelle Buchner won Spa 1967 race of 1967 Trophy season | Apr 17, 2018


No. of

Starting from position 1 on the grid, Pelle Buchner's Honda RA300 crossed the line ahead of Dag Johnsen's Brabham BT24 to take the win. tagomago rounded out the top three in a Brabham BT24, while fastest race lap was set by Pelle Buchner also.

This race was rated as 2.5/5 Okay


p driver car time/gap
1 Pelle Buchner HON 30:30.597s
2 3/5Dag Johnsen BRA +4.499s
3 tagomago BRA +30.462s
4 Nick Xug COO +38.573s
5 TRON COO 1 lap
2/5Clive Loynes FER 6 laps
Mr Trooper BRA 6 laps
David Sochenna LOT 8 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Pelle Buchner
Honda RA300 3:19.322s

2 Clive Loynes
Ferrari 312 3:21.790s
3 Dag Johnsen
Brabham BT24 3:21.863s

Cooper T81B 3:22.406s
5 Mr Trooper
Brabham BT24 3:23.018s

6 tagomago
Brabham BT24 3:23.952s
7 Nick Xug
Cooper T81B 3:24.280s

8 David Sochenna
Lotus 49 3:40.274s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Pelle Buchner HON 3:18.587s
2 Dag Johnsen BRA 3:21.536s
3 TRON COO 3:22.461s
4 tagomago BRA 3:24.152s
5 Clive Loynes FER 3:24.382s
6 Nick Xug COO 3:24.699s
7 Mr Trooper BRA 3:25.885s
8 David Sochenna LOT 3:35.881s

Drivers' comments

Nothing I could do to withstand Mr. Buchner`s white whale onslaught in the latter stages of the race. Since my practice sessions were on the wrong Spa I consistently kept missing the exit out of the fast right hander on the backstraight and eventually that had to cost me , and it did. Grats Pelle and Tago on the podium and to all finishers.

Dag Johnsen 04/19/2018 14:41:03

Had brain fade at Stavelot again!

Had just figured out that Pelle was using my slipstream to take the load off his fragile Honda when I wandered a bit wide at Stavelot and collected the wall.

Was going well up to then with second on the grid and being in the lead of the race, albeit with my mirrors full of Honda!

Clive Loynes 04/18/2018 10:14:51

Spa and the '67 Ferrari have always been a challenge for me and tonight I have both!

Clive Loynes 04/17/2018 14:37:54

This race is on the old version of Spa and the practice server can be found on VROC.

Clive Loynes 04/07/2018 11:48:32

Official results!

Report by Clive Loynes.

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