Excuse me!  “After a good result in qualy I had problems in the race. First of all I forgot to switch the TV off... Made an overcautious start, and lost 3 or 4 positions... Then my pedals slid off from that small carpet which was there to prevent the pedals from sliding on the floor... ”

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PDLR event: Rouen + F1 1967

CRank Track Season: 1967 Formula 1 Trophy  

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Track: Rouen    Mod: 1967    FPS: 36    Number of racers: 12

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Date: May 08, 2018   Mod: 1967   Qual: 20 mins   Race: 18 laps

Dag Johnsen won Rouen race of 1967 Trophy season

Dag Johnsen won Rouen race of 1967 Trophy season | May 08, 2018


No. of

Starting from position 3 on the grid, Dag Johnsen's Brabham BT24 crossed the line ahead of Clive Loynes's Ferrari 312 to take the win. Frank Miele rounded out the top three in a Honda RA300, while fastest race lap was set by Pelle Buchner.

This race was rated as 3.5/5 Great


p driver car time/gap
1 4/5Dag Johnsen BRA 35:44.453s
2 3/5Clive Loynes FER +13.527s
3 Frank Miele HON +26.780s
4 Sergio Stewart HON +28.739s
5 Andre Jahren BRA +33.955s
6 Aitor Birle BRM +46.974s
7 TRON COO +53.841s
8 David Sochenna LOT 5 laps
9 Pelle Buchner HON 6 laps
Mr Trooper BRA 17 laps
tagomago BRA 17 laps
Nick Xug COO 17 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Pelle Buchner
Honda RA300 1:56.977s

2 Clive Loynes
Ferrari 312 1:58.195s
3 Dag Johnsen
Brabham BT24 1:58.396s

4 Frank Miele
Honda RA300 1:58.752s
5 Sergio Stewart
Honda RA300 1:58.844s

Cooper T81B 1:59.109s
7 Andre Jahren
Brabham BT24 1:59.354s

8 Mr Trooper
Brabham BT24 1:59.920s
9 Aitor Birle
BRM P115 2:00.052s

10 David Sochenna
Lotus 49 2:01.297s
11 Nick Xug
Cooper T81B 2:01.693s

12 tagomago
Brabham BT24 2:02.441s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Pelle Buchner HON 1:57.129s
2 Dag Johnsen BRA 1:57.656s
3 TRON COO 1:57.729s
4 Andre Jahren BRA 1:58.267s
5 Clive Loynes FER 1:58.659s
6 Sergio Stewart HON 1:58.971s
7 Frank Miele HON 1:59.112s
8 Aitor Birle BRM 2:00.178s
9 David Sochenna LOT 2:00.362s
10 Mr Trooper BRA 2:09.954s
11 tagomago BRA 2:12.615s
12 Nick Xug COO 2:13.010s

Drivers' comments

Grats with the podium and the finish Clive. Grats to Frank in 3rd place and to all who finished.

It was Pelle`s race all the way , I had given up trying to catch him.I was a good 7 - 8 sec down when he went off. Tough luck Pelle.

Dag Johnsen 05/09/2018 10:33:41

OK, I'm amazed!

I made it to the end of this one so I was able to post the results on GPL Weekly straight after the race.

Please let me know if there are errors.

My race was nice and quiet. I made a mistake on lap two which allowed Dag through to 2nd spot and was then able to watch him pull away whilst I did likewise to the two Hondas behind.

Looks like Pelle made the same error that I did, coming onto the back straight and getting his outside wheels just up onto the curb. But he was probably going faster because, whereas I was able to keep hold of it, he was fired across the track, up the bank and into the fence; finally finishing upside-down in the middle of the track.

That gave me 2nd place and I managed Nouveau Monde a few more times to keep it to the end. ;-)

Looking forward to Silverstone.

Clive Loynes 05/09/2018 10:04:48


If I get to the last lap I shall be amazed! ;-)

Clive Loynes 05/08/2018 14:41:09

Come on Clive , time to get on the offensive. Tell yourself that youre gonna own this track tonight. 18 laps is nothing , when you get to the last lap you will only feel a slight disappointment that the race isnt longer.. ;)

Just be careful in T1,3,4,5,9,10,11 and 13 and you`ll be fine.

Dag Johnsen 05/08/2018 12:14:42

Another severe challenge!
My chances of eighteen attempts at Nouveau Monde being without incident are slight! ;-)

Clive Loynes 05/08/2018 11:26:05

Official results!

Report by Clive Loynes.

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