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Groundhog event: Waterloo + F1 1967

CRank Track Season: Munchausen Rank Challenge   “Hotlap race”

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Track: Waterloo    Mod: 1967    FPS: 60    Number of racers: 3

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Date: Jun 10, 2018   Mod: 1967  

Yannick Verheijen set the fastest lap time on Waterloo race track in the Munchausen Challenge

Yannick Verheijen set the fastest lap time on Waterloo race track in the Munchausen Challenge | Jun 10, 2018

Yannick Verheijen (Eagle T1G) set the benchmark ahead of Bjørn Finnestad (Eagle T1G) to take the win. Jani Posta rounded out the top three in a Eagle T1G.

This race was rated as 3.3/5 Okay

Best lap times

p driver car time/gap
1 4/5Yannick Verheijen EAG 0:47.610s
2 3/5Bjørn Finnestad EAG +0.314s
3 3/5Jani Posta EAG +0.543s

Percental differences with focus on the 100-110% region
Yannick Verheijen 100%
Bjørn Finnestad 100.66%
Jani Posta 101.14%

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Drivers' comments

Grats Yannick! Very well done!

Bjørn Finnestad 06/15/2018 22:47:48

Thanks for the setup Yannick!

Jani Posta 06/10/2018 14:43:28

Thanks Bjorn!

Jani Posta 06/02/2018 07:49:17

Link for the track: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=2760
post#7 (or "SRMZ" at track database)

Bjørn Finnestad 06/01/2018 23:13:44

the link is dead- can someone help?

Bastian Grupp 06/01/2018 00:03:33

I know from experience that this is one of the hardest tracks to get under the benchmark, period. With the Eagle I barely got under it.

I actually wouldn't mind a 'Battle of Waterloo', if you follow me ;)

Yannick Verheijen 05/25/2018 13:39:12

Official results!

Report by Jani Posta.

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