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Historic Esports event: Solitude + F1 1967

CRank Track Season: Spring Season (2018)   “Last test race before summer”

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Track: Solitude    Mod: 1967    FPS: 60    Number of racers: 5

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Date: Jun 28, 2018   Mod: 1967   Qual: 60 mins   Race: 5 laps

Rainer Alpen won Solitude “Last test race before summer” race of Spring Season

Rainer Alpen won Solitude “Last test race before summer” race of Spring Season | Jun 28, 2018


No. of

Starting from position 3 on the grid, Rainer Alpen's Brabham BT24 crossed the line ahead of Andre Jahren's Lotus 49 to take the win. Pelle Buchner rounded out the top three in a Eagle T1G, while fastest race lap was set by Rainer Alpen also.

This race was rated as 3/5 Okay


p driver car time/gap
1 Rainer Alpen BRA 18:03.395s
2 Andre Jahren LOT +4.740s
3 Pelle Buchner EAG 1 lap
4 Dag Johnsen BRA 1 lap
nc 3/5Jani Posta FER 4 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Andre Jahren
Lotus 49 3:28.818s

2 Dag Johnsen
Brabham BT24 3:30.420s
3 Rainer Alpen
Brabham BT24 3:31.425s

4 Pelle Buchner
Eagle T1G 3:31.871s
5 Jani Posta
Ferrari 312 3:35.204s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Rainer Alpen BRA 3:31.694s
2 Pelle Buchner EAG 3:32.448s
3 Andre Jahren LOT 3:32.969s
4 Dag Johnsen BRA 3:33.526s
5 Jani Posta FER 3:43.228s

Drivers' comments

Not sure Jani but I dont think so. Ive practiced with this patch for a while now and my times with it are pretty close to the times without it. There might be some dynamics change to how the tires operate.

Good question tho so you should post it over at SRMZ in the dirtgear thread and maybe Olaf has an answer. Now that we are using this and he is driving again there might be a possibility of further development of the patch.

Dag Johnsen 06/29/2018 04:41:03

Had a few more laps offline. changed the setup slightly, and managed to near my old PB -- 3:30!!

But I switched the patch off for these laps, as I felt the car more stable without it. Is it possible that Olaf's patch lower the grip by default, even with 0 tire wear?

Jani Posta 06/28/2018 22:48:56

Lol , no one survived passed lap 6 but fun for a short while.

Official season starts in august @ Kyalami.

Dag Johnsen 06/28/2018 21:02:08

woohoo, i stopped for my coffee then by the time i was back i was forced to retire... i would have liked to continue, as i did many times before. i think i shouldn't have stop in neutral as it triggered a tire change...

Jani Posta 06/28/2018 20:51:37

We are racing via IGOR tonight since VROC is still offline.

IP: (for those who prefer the local option)

Chatroom IGOR = #hies
Qualifying starts 1900 CET.

We havent hosted much via IGOR and experienced a server crash yesterday but that might be a track issue as well. Hence the test on this particular track. Should we experience a crash we will meet up in the chatroom and take it from there.

Dag Johnsen 06/28/2018 15:24:07

This will be crazy. I've just had a practice and I can tell that the loss of grip was recognizable as soon as in my 2nd measured lap. Even if you can avoid the dirt in the esses, those turns wear the tires heavily. I'm really curious how much lap I can take with one set of tires :D

Side note: I'm 6 seconds slower than my 9yo chassis and personal best lap... 3:35 so far in the Ferrari.

Jani Posta 06/27/2018 22:28:42

Race requirement : the dirtgear patch (pitstop71(dg)

Server is working well , patch is working well and the live stream is shaping up nicely so come august it should be green across the board. Welcome!

Dag Johnsen 06/24/2018 11:20:25

Official results!

Report by Dag Johnsen.

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