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GPLRacer event: Lourenco Marques + F1 1965

CRank Track Season: 1965 Mod Cup (2018)  

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Track: Lourenco Marques    Mod: 1965    FPS: 36    Number of racers: 16

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Date: Sep 11, 2018   Mod: 1965   Qual: 30 mins   Race: 33 laps

Robert Fleurke won Lourenco Marques race of 1965 Mod Cup season

Robert Fleurke won Lourenco Marques race of 1965 Mod Cup season | Sep 11, 2018


No. of

Starting from position 2 on the grid, Robert Fleurke's Cooper T77 crossed the line ahead of Stefan Roess's Brabham BT11 to take the win. Roo Mellor rounded out the top three in a Lotus 33, while fastest race lap was set by Robert Fleurke also.

This race was rated as 3.3/5 Okay


p driver car time/gap
1 4/5Robert Fleurke COO 43:00.458s
2 Stefan Roess BRA +9.532s
3 4/5Roo Mellor LOT +12.363s
4 Pedro van den Berg LOT +34.019s
5 1/5Piero Mercaldo LOT +34.732s
6 Alain Maurice BRA +43.283s
7 Erik vd Heijden BRA +44.203s
8 4/5Bastian Grupp BRA +1:04.610s
9 Marco Mercaldo LOT +1:05.347s
Paul Skingley LOT 1 lap
Simon Loynes HON 1 lap
nc Jan Melissen BRA 12 laps
nc Marcel Gerris FER 14 laps
nc Jussi Makinen FER 18 laps
nc Roman Zherebtsov BRA 29 laps
nc Uli Hofmann BRA 33 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Piero Mercaldo
Lotus 33 1:17.028s

2 Robert Fleurke
Cooper T77 1:17.090s
3 Erik vd Heijden
Brabham BT11 1:17.186s

4 Stefan Roess
Brabham BT11 1:17.524s
5 Uli Hofmann
Brabham BT11 1:17.709s

6 Pedro van den Berg
Lotus 33 1:17.815s
7 Roo Mellor
Lotus 33 1:18.001s

8 Alain Maurice
Brabham BT11 1:18.171s
9 Marco Mercaldo
Lotus 33 1:18.457s

10 Bastian Grupp
Brabham BT11 1:18.502s
11 Roman Zherebtsov
Brabham BT11 1:18.955s

12 Simon Loynes
Honda RA272 1:19.495s
13 Jussi Makinen
Ferrari 512 1:20.550s

14 Jan Melissen
Brabham BT11 1:20.597s
15 Marcel Gerris
Ferrari 512 1:35.086s

Paul Skingley
Lotus 33 no time

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Robert Fleurke COO 1:17.356s
2 Stefan Roess BRA 1:17.489s
3 Piero Mercaldo LOT 1:17.534s
4 Erik vd Heijden BRA 1:17.633s
5 Roo Mellor LOT 1:17.782s
6 Alain Maurice BRA 1:18.032s
7 Pedro van den Berg LOT 1:18.168s
8 Bastian Grupp BRA 1:18.291s
9 Paul Skingley LOT 1:18.353s
10 Marco Mercaldo LOT 1:18.503s
11 Roman Zherebtsov BRA 1:18.794s
12 Jan Melissen BRA 1:18.832s
13 Simon Loynes HON 1:19.968s
14 Marcel Gerris FER 1:20.634s
15 Jussi Makinen FER 1:21.204s
Uli Hofmann BRA no time

Drivers' comments

thank you Jani :)

Roo Mellor 09/15/2018 23:56:20

Now you got a nice race graph :P Thanks Roo!

Jani Posta 09/15/2018 09:59:10

Thanks Robert but it is not enough to be quick to beat you, I have to take care of the details, yesterday for example in addition to gasoline I was wrong not to shorten the first gear and this cost me a lot .. I read with interest your advice and I'll try to put them into practice, since in this period of great personal changes I have a little more time to train with GPL.
I started playing with GPL in 1998 and I had just got married and due to work I have always had little time to train seriously.
From 2002 to 2011, I no longer played and I resumed without great goals, training very little for a couple of hours at weekends.
Even in this last round I showed I did not try a simulation of the race and this cost me the podium.
You are currently among the strongest players in the world and being able to be near you is a great satisfaction, I will try to bother you in the next few races for St Jovite, I train only with the full fuel .. :)

Piero Mercaldo 09/12/2018 19:32:38

Excellent poletime Piero! That caught me by surprise :D

Because you were fighting with Stefan I could stay at the front and make a gap. The start and first laps were key to that.

Thanks for the nice words guys. I do respect anyone who has a passion for GPL :)

Robert Fleurke 09/12/2018 18:58:05

Congratulations to all the Podio guys..
As for Robert there are no words .. really good I agree with a 100% Roo
A particular compliment to Stefan who was perhaps the fastest in the race and deserves the second place, with him I came across a beautiful duel and I apologize for the small buffer ..

I confirm to be the most Donkey of all, even this time I was wrong to put fuel, 10 laps from the end I went into the fuel supply and to be able to cross the finish line I had to raise my feet losing concentration and different positions but at least this Once I saw the finish line ..
Fine Qualifications, I expected times close to 16.99 ..
Fun track but at the end of the race I was exhausted.

Thank you all, see you soon;)

Piero Mercaldo 09/12/2018 14:40:57

Great job Roo, impressive pace!

Robert Fleurke 09/12/2018 13:57:58

What a fun track! I love the first turn sequence, superb. And the banked t2 (!?) hairpin which I never maximized despite learning from following Pedro, Stefan & Paul that there was time to be had there.
My setup could have been quicker, maybe, with more aggressive gears/diff but I could push every lap & not over cook tyres or over push braking zones, in fact the car felt amazing under braking!

I was happy with a pb in quali but the top times were almost a second faster :rolleyes:

I had a lot of stuttering in the first lap & so took it carefully to start with.

I was chasing Pedro with Alain hot on my heels & I was concerned that if I didn't get past Pedro, Alain would pass me, so I put one up the inside into t2 (as i think of it) knowing Pedro would not simply turn in on me, we've raced each other long enough now that we can really enjoy our racing, because we know neither will throw a race away over 1 corner. Respect Pedro :tip-hat:

It is a priviledge to race against you fine racers.

Having passed Pedro I was just about able to keep Stefan & Piero in sight & was steadily opening a gap to Pedro behind. If Piero & Stefan had not been fighting each other I doubt I would have hung on so well.

Piero nerfed Stefan off but it was only matter of time before Stefan re-passeed me, he was super quick.

I had a good gap to Pedro behind & couldn't challenge Stefan or Piero for pace but late on Piero made a mistake that I could pounce on, just! After a few laps I saw Piero must have damage & was not going to be able to challenge me for 3rd.

I was happy with my pace & my consistancy & had a clean race, which is very satisfying.

I have a great deal of respect for Robert, he is super quick & consistent. I have studied his laps & he is simply faster everywhere, so he deserves to be leading the championship by the country mile that he is, but when you look at the championship just behind, we have such a battle going on. 6 races to go, 2nd, 3rd, 4th seperated by 21pts. that's a 10th place finsh!

Long live GPL & gplracer!

Thanks again to our admins & grats to podium & finishers. Cu next time :)

ps Robert said in chat he allowed himself 'one fast lap' & he managed to set a 1m17.356 :bowdown: :D

Roo Mellor 09/12/2018 09:38:04

Unofficial results!

Report by Roo Mellor.

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