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UKGPL event: Zandvoort + F1 1955

CRank Track Season: Season 34 - 1955 Pro Cup  

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Track: Zandvoort    Mod: 1955    FPS: 60    Number of racers: 7

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Date: Jan 20, 2019   Mod: 1955   Qual: 30 mins   Race: 28 laps

John Hammonds won Zandvoort race of S34 1955 Pro season

John Hammonds won Zandvoort race of S34 1955 Pro season | Jan 20, 2019

Starting from position 2 on the grid, John Hammonds's Maserati 250F crossed the line ahead of Clive Loynes's Connaught Type B to take the win. Fulvio Policardi rounded out the top three in a Ferrari 625, while fastest race lap was set by Alessandro Isacchini.

This race was rated as 4/5 Great


p driver car time/gap
1 John Hammonds MAS 47:41.858s
2 4/5Clive Loynes CON +6.627s
3 Fulvio Policardi FER +19.021s
4 Alessandro Isacchini MAS +21.356s
5 Francesco Molteni VAN +46.287s
6 Clive Gardner GOR 1 lap
7 Richard Welsh FER 2 laps

Qualifying / Starting grid

p / driver / car / lap time
1 Alessandro Isacchini
Maserati 250F 1:39.236s

2 John Hammonds
Maserati 250F 1:40.391s
3 Clive Loynes
Connaught Type B 1:40.891s

4 Fulvio Policardi
Ferrari 625 1:41.222s
5 Clive Gardner
Gordini T16 1:41.986s

6 Francesco Molteni
Vanwall VW55 1:42.518s
7 Richard Welsh
Ferrari 555 SS 1:42.541s

Fastest race laps

p driver car lap time
1 Alessandro Isacchini MAS 1:39.457s
2 Clive Loynes CON 1:40.767s
3 Fulvio Policardi FER 1:41.391s
4 Clive Gardner GOR 1:41.416s
5 John Hammonds MAS 1:41.442s
6 Francesco Molteni VAN 1:42.443s
7 Richard Welsh FER 1:43.656s

Drivers' comments

No problem.


It clashes with the UKGPL Tuesday events so I wouldn't have suggested it if you had already registered for the UKGPL series.

Clive Loynes 01/22/2019 17:05:36

Hi Clive
Just signed up for the 66 race tonight,I usually go mountain biking on a Tuesday but they reckon its going to be -4c here so not going to bother
Whats the PDLR race and when is it?

Richard Welsh 01/22/2019 16:11:33

Hi Rich,
You did a great job to go the distance in your first '55 mod race.

I don't think that you have signed up for the UKGPL '66 race tonight and wondered if you would be interested in doing the PDLR race at Buenos Aires?

If so then let me know and I will let them know that you are interested. They race at 36fps and try to keep the same car for the season. You can take what you like but I would keep away from the Mercs. They are quick but heavy and take a lot of stopping.

I find that the '55mod is so different to the others that I cannot mix racing in other mods when engaged in a '55 season. If I start to do '67 races, I start to steer with my left foot again and that leaves me with no brakes in about a lap and a half!

Clive Loynes 01/22/2019 15:54:19

Thanks for letting me join in last night sorry if I got in anyone's way?I'm a little slow,Grats to John and the rest of you. I lost my sound on about lap 6 not sure what it was,at the end of the race I opened task manager selected GPL end task and the sound came back?anyway great fun really enjoyed it roll on the next race

Richard Welsh 01/21/2019 17:12:37

Grats John, great drive. Didn't see you put a foot wrong. Well not wrong enough! ;-)

With 7 to go I was just begining to think that I should not chance anything and take the points for second when I made a slight mistake at Tarzan. That gave John a five second cushion and let him cruise to the finish.

An acceptable start to the season. Especially with Evil being back in the pack. ;-)

I'm sure all will change when the tight fisted so-and-so starts to spend some dollars!

Clive Loynes 01/21/2019 11:28:53

Brakes not so much of a problem as knowing what comes next. It is far too long for a race circuit. It is more like a rally!

Clive Loynes 01/03/2019 15:54:27

I love Dundrod, a wonderfull long track!

Shouldn't be too bad for 55s brakes, as there are not much hard braking corners and long time to cool down...

Axel Cookie 01/03/2019 15:14:48

Can't wait for this as there isn't a lot of 55 action at the moment.

Shame about the inclusion of Dundrod but I will be running my server on the place to get some practice in whenever I can.

Anyone is welcome to join.

Clive Loynes 01/03/2019 12:39:14

Unofficial results!

Report by Clive Loynes.

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