Groundhog GP Series


We drive the 1967s F1 cars (free choice) with Advanced damage model. Unlimited Shift-Rs are allowed with no restrictions.

Qualifying sessions are 20-25 minutes long, races last appr. 1 hour.

Events start at 8pm British Time.


Drive like gentlemen! Drive as you were there! Be patient, wait for the best moment to pass. People in other cars would like to enjoy the race too.

Obey the flags! Let faster drivers to pass you at blue. Slow down a bit and be careful (and do not overtake) at yellow.

Never give up! The more drivers on the track, the more fun the race is.


1st place = 1 pt
2nd place = 2 pts
3rd place = 3 pts
4th place = 4 pts
5th place = 5 pts
other finishers = 6 pts
non-finishers = 8 pts
non-starters = 10 pts

This system is based on the 1925 World Championship rules. The less is the better. Best six results count toward the championship.

You must complete 90% of race distance to be classified as 'finisher'.


If you are interested send your application to me, my contact address is: freeleo freemail hu