Div3 Weekly March 9, 2006

R12 – Mosport GP

Scott Gelsthorpe was the winner of GBGPL Mosport Grand Prix. Starting from position 2 on the grid, Gelsthorpe's Lotus crossed the line 23.721s ahead of Jani Posta's Brabham to take the win. Nick Smith's Brabham rounded out the top three, finishing 1m21.296s behind Gelsthorpe.

Race Statistics

Results (27 laps)
1 Gelsthorpe, Lotus
2 Posta, Brabham
3 Smith, Brabham
4 Mellor, Lotus
5 Solazy, Cooper
6 Howlett, Lotus
7 Westlund, Lotus
8 Vermeersch, Cooper
9 Evans, Ferrari
10r Rubensson, Honda
11r Stenning, Lotus

Pole position
Mellor, 1m22.662s

Fastest lap
Gelsthorpe, 1m22.743s

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Point standings

Driver Quotes

Niven Howlett Congratulations to Scott on leading from start to finish. A thoroughly enjoyable race for me with a lot of position changing and no major incidents; marred only by a couple of lapses of concentration and one case of forgetfulness; on a track I'm not really comfortable with.
I'd qualified 7th on the grid with a 1.25:53. Over a second off my best here but not too bad I thought since I had Nick and Magnus by me. I got a good start, in fact I think everyone got away cleanly. Ricardo pressured me for a couple of laps but I watched in my mirrors as he spun after turn 2 leaving me to see if I could catch Jonny's Ferrari.
Leffa & Jani's bump after the Moss hairpin on lap 3 let Jonny and me get closer.My 360 on lap 4, though, saw Magnus close on me before Leffa's spin after the crest let me into 5th (me! 5th! amazing!). The crest seemed to be the trouble spot as there seemed to be many 'offs' there.
At the end of the 9th lap, I got the "keep it going, you're in 3rd" signal from my pit crew member (who should have been studying for a physics test). But 3rd? Never! Could I be 3rd? Wait I started 7th, nobody passed me and I've passed 3 maybe 4. Perhaps I am in 3rd, wow. How long left? Too long.
I knew it. I lost a bit of concentration and got on the grass. Roo knifed past me. I fell off again two laps later as I tried desparately to make some ground back on him, Leffa caught me and Ricardo literally shot past us both on the main straight but lost it after the crest.
On lap 16 I was still chasing Roo with Leffa behind when the antivirus software tried to download an update, froze my screen momentarily and locked my controls. What an idiot, I'd forgotten to shut it down. I crashed. Leffa, Ricardo and Nick hurtled past, putting me in 7th with Timo trying to introduce himself from 8th for 3 or 4 laps.
I finished in 6th, which is my best of the season, so I'm happy with that. If I hadn't forgotten the software thing I think I'd have done better. I had a few seconds on them but who knows if I could have held off Leffa, Ricardo and Nick for 9 laps? I'm particularly pleased to have registered 21 on track laps out of 26. Can't wait until Season 4.

Jani Posta An interesting race it was. I was pleased with my qualifying time and grid position. I expected Scott and Leffa to be ahead of me but Roo's pole position surprised me a bit.
Start went well, I settled behind Leffa in position 4. And surprise! Leffa was so slow in the middle section (down to and at the Hairpin) that I felt he hold me up... In lap 1 I ran off the track to avoid him, in lap 2 the same happened nearly, and in lap 3 we collided. (Sorry for the touch, mate!) Up till that we gained a few seconds so I was able to let Leffa back to position and we continued our race - but this costed us about 10 seconds... In the next lap Leffa spun off at Turn 8 and I passed him :P
Two laps later I could pass Roo at the same place and from that time it was a race against the track. Once I went off at T3 but that manouver costed only 4 secs and no harms to the car. Scott was in 16-22 secs distance ahead, and I had no chance to catch him.
After all 2nd position is good enough, but I wanted to end this season with a victory :)
Scott, this was your third win in row. Congratulations, but now I'm sure in Spa paddock you stole and copied my magic "consistency helmet" :))

Scott Gelsthorpe Haha! The consistency helmet. It is true actually, now its the end of the season I will have it forwarded on to you even though it looks like your helmet sponsor provided one or two extra for you Jani!
Mosport is a very tricky track for me. It's probably 2nd to the ring for me in terms of concentrating on turn in points. So many critical blind crests but after a while it clicks.
I broke my golden rule of not messing with a known green-lap set-up before the race. I found that on some laps after the crest at turn 8 (?) I would lose the back end under braking very quickly and that was with a 56% brake balance. It happened in the Div 2 race a couple of times and was happening in the practice for D3. I lowered the rear ride-height to 2.75 so that it matched the front and it made a vast difference. It also helped my tyre temps. Didn't get any yellow temps all race which was amazing.
The race. I got a good start and pipped Roo to turn 1. He kept within 1 sec of me for around 6 laps until he had a moment at turn 2 I think. After that, I just wanted to set a consistent groove, only beaten on lap-time consistency by (you have guessed it) Jani, and that's with his traffic issues!
Once I started to lap people, I held back more than usual as I know how nerve racking it can be when the blue flags start waving but fair play to everyone, they drove like true gentlemen. I was glad to see the flag drop.
My season has been a rollercoaster. At the start of the season my gplrank was +48 and it's now -10. I'm a little annoyed that my mid-season was blighted by having to use a dial-up connection that disco'd a few times. D3 has been a great experience and the spirit of the driver's is exemplary.
Congratulations to JP for his championship win. It was thoroughly deserved. A special thanks to Pete for taking the time to put this all together and I hope that you bring that rank down as I want some more of those battles we used to have!

Jonathan Evans An absolutely wretched race for me last night started quite well, with a few laps running in fourth and third. But then my lack of practice kicked in good and proper! I was off every three or four laps, and started to not enjoy myself in the slightest :o(
I was sorely tempted to park it and quit, but I could see Nick running in an inspirational third after his disastrous start, and thought I really should see the race out - even if it was my worst finish of the season.
We've had a great season, though, guys. I've really enjoyed it - in particular the spirit in which we've all raced: good pre race banter without ill feeling is always the order of the day.
Well done Jani, on a simply masterful performance all season, Leffa too, for being way too quick for our own good, and a big hand to Scott - you git ;o) - for doing the pippiest of pipping (since Pippi Longstocking spat out the pips of a Cox's Orange Pippin) at the post for a hugely deserved third podium place.
Can't wait for the next installment!

Roo Mellor What a great race! I must thank all of you that helped me troubleshoot my latency problems in the run up to the race. Fixed by cutting out the ethernet switch. This was a big part of my enormously surprising Quali' pace (my 1st 1min 22) to snag pole, which quickly turned to fear of causing a 1st corner pile up !
I got a decent start but put a wheel off track approaching T1 & Scott took the lead. I decided to just try to keep up with him whilst holding off Leffa for as long as possible.
Leffa spun on Lap 3 relieving some pressure, only for me to lose it big time at the Crest on Lap 5 putting me 4th behind J.Evans' Fezza who then ran wide at T2 two laps later & kindly let me pass him again.
Another off at the Crest on Lap 9 let Spiny past but I managed to force him into an error at T3 a few laps later. I had a couple more spins, Crest & T2, but held position until Lap 21 when another spin at T2 put me back to 5th. At this point I called my pit crew for some F4 tyre temp action as the car just didn't seem to grip anymore but no excuses there, they were ok. Turns out suspension damage from my many off's was the culprit.
Yet another off at the Crest (I hate that thing!) let Leffa & Ricardo past but I managed to re-take 4th on Lap 24 when Ricardo ran off at T2 & nursed my way to the finish line a lap down but happily scoring points in my maiden league race! Now I'm itching for the new season to start.
Thanks guys, you're all Gents!

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