Excuse me!  “When I braked into T1, my car veered left (away from the corner) instead of right. ”

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Groundhog event: Városliget

Season: Groundhog Festival Events 2012   “Christmas Trophy”

Date: Dec 27, 2012 / 8   Mod: F2 1967   Qual: 25 mins   Race: 17 laps   FPS: 60

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Past winner/s

Yannick Verheijen 2×  Mark Barresi 1×  Piero Mercaldo 1×  Robert Fleurke 1× 

Lap records – F2 1967 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
Ferrari 166
Iestyn Davies
Brabham BT23
Roberto Teso
Lola T100 FVA
Pedro van den Berg

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Drivers' comments

I filled the tank for 20 laps and I finished on low fuel too. Must be something with the fuel usage of the track. Though I'm not sure.

Anyway, Roberto, you got full user rights :)

Jani Posta 12/28/2012 13:20:01

I want to apologize because I arrived unprepared, I haven't a decent setup and especially didn't have the correct gearing, my fault.
As personal choice I wouldn't use shift+r, to force me to face the competition in a sort of “realty strict“ simulation, however, this time I used but because was out of gas with one or two laps to go and I wanted to finish the race so Jani could kindly “once you have finished a race full user rights will be Granted“.
Strangely I filled up my Brabby for the full 17 rounds and I don't understand why I finished fuel, if for uncorrect gearing and consequentely driving style or Brabby consume habits or if I've punched the tank in one of my excursion throught the park.
I don't know if I have violated some rule, in case I make a public apology, I promise to learn the rules and to prepare more adequately in the future.
Congratulations to Mark, Jani and Alex for the result and everyone else for the race, Városliget is very pleasant and very well suited to the characteristics of F2.

Roberto Teso 12/28/2012 11:34:21

Pedro, you don't hit me, but Alex.
The track is very difficult but very nice to drive.
For the next three races I will not be there, I'll see you at Nurburgring.
Happy 2013 to all.

Mark Barresi 12/28/2012 10:29:26

“Triplete“ Ferrari !
I agree with Pedro and Jani, this track is difficult to drive, but, when learned, the reward is a great driving pleasure, also when alone on circuit (you cannot distract here); also, the difference in performance of cars is less important, and this permit to drive the slowest 166 at decent race pace.
My race was really fun: i have lost the tail of Jani when i spin at lap 4 (my plan was to mantain his pace), and, after several laps in battle with Pedro, i remain alone for almost half of race distance (but without bore, here).
Red cars of “Commendatore“ have always their charm, i think to use the 166 also in champ (my Team Manager is at Maranello to negotiate a contract for me).
See you at Donnybrook (drag race is not for me, sorry), i will try Can-Am 712 (in worst case, i will laugh driving a kart of 700 HP).
Good 2013 at all.

Alex Barresi 12/28/2012 09:03:33

So the Christmas Trophy went to Italy as well... I even changed the display language on my mobile to Italian, but that did not make me faster :D

After a great start I was on Mark's tail for a few laps, I could even pass him and lead the race for one lap. But then I went off at the exit of Kós Károly sétány turn and he re-took the lead and once I lost his slipstream he was off into the distance and I never saw him again.

My race pace was nowhere near to what I wanted to show. Again this 2nd place was based on consistency. Though I nearly lost it when I span towards the finish...

F2 and this track is a must have for everyone, next time we might see higher numbers.

Grats to the winner, and thanks all for coming.

Jani Posta 12/28/2012 08:04:32

Right car for me Jani!

Congratulations Mark! What a incredable pace you have!
A interesting track for sure :)
To many times I hit the “curbs“ And I also lost the way 2 times
(thought I was in another corner :) )
Sorry Mark and Roberto for hitting you, could not avoid you while spinning.
Last lap I had the phone ringing, So I lost concentration totaly and give up.
Thanks all for racing, great joy!
Cu Next year ;)

Pedro van den Berg 12/27/2012 22:35:42

Results uploaded. Roberto/Pedro, please check if you are listed with the right car.

Jani Posta 12/27/2012 22:14:30

While braking I always play with the throttle. Steering linearity is full linear in game + a part of my core.ini:

[ Hack ]
steer_ratio= 1

[ Joy ]
allow_force_feedback = 1
force_feedback_damping = 0.1400000
force_feedback_latency = 0.0045000
max_steering_torque = 360

I don't know where or whom did I get these values from. I'm dumb with the setups. Once I learned that 85/60/2 and 50-52FBB is the best choice. So I always set these values + 1:16 for steering. Plus I like to use symmetrical setups. Except where assymetrical is highly recommended - like ovals.

Jani Posta 12/24/2012 08:13:57

Jani, after trying your setup and seeing the replay, i have two questions for you:
1 - how do you manage brake balance at 52% ? if i try, car spin immediately after i touch the brake pedal;
2 - in your driving style, you turn the steering wheel a lot when you enter in a curve, but the car slides forward and fits smoothly although the diff. coast is set to 60 (i would expect an entry more quick and with oversteer, in these conditions): what's the skill you use to obtain this car behavior ?

Alex Barresi 12/24/2012 07:59:31

2:04.75, Ferrari. My setup + replay at http://freeleo.hu/gpl/pb/F2_vliget_Ferra…50s.zip

Onboard race video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qLGbzd3nw4

Jani Posta 12/21/2012 11:30:10

Jani Posta 12/21/2012 10:45:27

Official download page is offline at the moment. You can get the track here: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=8723

If you like to race against AI, get the improved AI files from here http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=8661

Jani Posta 12/18/2012 08:35:10

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