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Historic Esports event: Solitude

Season: Fall Season (2018)   “Germany GP”

Date: Sep 27, 2018 / 20:00 CET   Mod: 1967   Qual: 60 mins   Race: 12 laps   FPS: 60

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Past winner/s

Tom Johnson 8×  Robby Hunter 3×  Robert Fleurke 3×  Urban Alsenmyr 3×  Clive Gardner 2×  John Manvell 2×  Anders Ostlund 1×  Bob Simpson 1×  Bosse Froderberg 1×  Cesare Ascari 1×  Dag Johnsen 1×  David Cooke Jnr 1×  Doni Yourth 1×  Gord Heath 1×  Gregory Taber 1×  Harald Podzielny 1×  Hernan Suarez 1×  Iestyn Davies 1×  Joao Marcon 1×  Jorge Suarez 1×  Ken Murray 1×  Mark Barresi 1×  Paul Jackson 1×  Rainer Alpen 1×  Sid Manns 1×  Syd Drake 1×  Tom Guerout 1×  Tom Yeiser 1×  TRON 1× 

Lap records – 1967 events

If you are signed in (and have a registered lap time on this track), you can see your best lap times below the lap records.

lap time car driver
Lotus 49
Iestyn Davies
Brabham BT24
Harald Podzielny
Cooper T81B
Robert Fleurke
Honda RA300
Steve McLaren
Eagle T1G
Cesare Ascari
BRM P115
Kelvin Mace
Ferrari 312
Jorge Suarez

All records on Track info page

Drivers' comments

I like real road tracks, Solitude is a fine one :)
I didn't manage much practice pre-race but felt confident enough to make it to the chequer flag if I was sensible & could avoid any contact in the first turn... having been promoted by the various retirements early on, I was telling myself to take it easy & finish the race when I made a horrible mess of the yump & did a Jim Clark into the trees :(

Grats podium & finishers ... erm ;)

Thanks admins, see you at Road America :thumbup:

Roo Mellor 09/29/2018 09:24:04

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