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May 21, 2019 Uli Hofmann won Montjuic Park F1 1969 event of UKGPL S34 1969 Pro season — Results: 1 Uli Hofmann, FER, 47:05.644s 2 Tim Muttram, BRM, +23.906s. 3 Dave Rainier, FER, 2 laps. 4 Andreas Gebhardt, MAT, 2 laps. 5 Dave Curtis, FER, 3 laps. 6 Phil Thornton, BRA, 6 laps. 7 Fran Molteni, MCL, 7 laps. 8 Bastian Grupp, FER, 13 laps. nc Clive Gardner, BRA, 29 laps. nc Axel Cookie, MAT, 32 laps. nc Mike James, MAT, 32 laps.

May 19, 2019 Bjørn Finnestad set the fastest lap time on Milwaukee Dirt Track race track in the Groundhog Hotlap 2019

May 18, 2019 Michiel Pompert won Nürburgring F1 1967 event of oAo S22 D1 season

May 17, 2019 Hans Marfan won Salzburgring 1974 “Pro Long” F1 1967 event of GELI Season 2019 season

May 17, 2019 Mark Jones won Sachsenring “Friday Race” F1 1966 event of ADC 2019 Friday season

May 16, 2019 Andre Jahren won Bathurst “Round 10” F1 1967 event of Historic Esports HIES season

May 16, 2019 Miguel Palud won Bremgarten “SUIZA” F1 1967 event of GP Argentina GPA S34 season

May 15, 2019 Mario Wilhelm won Salzburgring 1974 GT 1967 event of Fun-Liga 2019 - SCX season

May 15, 2019 Dan Down won Sachsenring “Wednesday Race” F1 1966 event of ADC 2019 Wednesday season

May 14, 2019 Axel Cookie won Montlhéry F1 1966 event of UKGPL S34 1966 Pro season

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